Tuesday, 16 July 2013

What The?!....How Does A JUROR Get A Book Deal!!......

Seriously - someone is going to have to explain this one to me.

I will now apologise for my potential overuse of the phrase "here's the thing"........

I haven't commented on the Trayvon Martin trial for one very good reason - there are better informed, far more intelligent people already doing so.  But this whole JUROR WITH A FUCKING BOOK DEAL SHIT has me completely flummoxed.

I am mystified as to how a Juror is legally allowed to profit from a murder trial?!?!?!?  Because here's the thing... for any NORMAL person it would be ethically, morally and socially ABHORRENT to profit from a murder trial - let alone a trial that dealt with the murder of a teenager and the subsequent racial issues that have rightly polarised a nation.

Now - and I could be wrong - but here in Australia I think it is illegal for jurors to profit from a trial in such a way.  How is it not illegal in America??  Surely Jurors and Judges should be above that sort of thing? And if not - why the hell aren't they !!??  Where are the standards people?

Not only that..the stupid woman has gone on CNN (albeit 'anonymously') and talked about it!

If for ONE moment this individual is under the impression that she will stay anonymous, then she really is brain impaired, or, she has a squad of people around her who are working very hard to convince her that they have her "best interests at heart" and have taken every step to maintain her privacy.

Really Rose??   Really!?

Because here's the thing ... there is going to be someone at this publishing house who WILL find out who she is.  It will more than likely be someone on the lower rung of the business, and they will be more than happy to sell the info to the New York Times, the Wallstreet Journal and USA Today.  Now, when this happens, it will be open season on this jackass and she will find that no amount of money will be worth the hell that she will undoubtedly bring down upon herself.

I am STUNNED that this is not only permitted, but clearly ENCOURAGED in America.  How the hell can a society permit the profiteering from a murder?!  I am hardly naive.  I understand the economic pull of a good story - especially a true story - but wouldn't you have to realise at SOME point that maybe, just maybe, this could be a very bad idea that in the long run is going to have SERIOUSLY shitty consequences for you??  Especially when you're whoring a book deal only 48 hours after the verdict?!

Here's the thing.  This trial made a complete farce of the American justice system.  And now this woman is going to make a complete farce of the aftermath by cashing in on the unjustified killing of a young man.

I am sickened by this.

I love my 2nd Homeland.  But this side of it is disgustingly inhuman.



Raul Rodriguez said...

Why does this surprise you? Here in America it is not safe to walk down the street while Black, Latino or gay.
You can carry a gun into the State Capitol in Texas but they will confiscate Tampons.
You can use your gun permit as a form of I.D. to vote but not your university's...and the list goes on...now, that there is the thing.

iama[GAY]keeper said...

how indeed

Damien said...

Raulito - I am flummoxed.

iama - I have no answers.