Monday, 26 August 2013

Death of Talent .... Then and Now.....

So with the VMA's happening and everyone tweeting up a storm.  I thought I'd give a snapshot of who the "kids" are growing up with today, versus the talent I grew up with.

You can discuss this further yourselves.  Maybe - hopefully - even blog about it on your own blogs if you have one.


Justin Bieber

 Nicki Minaj

Miley Cyrus



Barbara Streisand

Elton John

Bette Midler

Donna Summer 

Can anyone please explain the NOW talent pool to me please?
Thank you

Old Fart Who Has No Clue About Just Add Water AutoTuned Hacks/*Stars*


1 comment:

Cy said...

I, for one, have had enough of Justin, Mylie, et al. I miss the old standards with Barbra, Donna and Bette. I'm sick of hip hop and the other bullshit that passes as music today. Ah, for the good old days.