Sunday, 11 August 2013

Sensational Sunday .. 900,000 ....

So I am that LITTLE bit closer to the big one million mark.

Thank you all so much for visiting and coming back to the blog.  The blog is an outlet for me and my sometimes polluted stream of consciousness and to have 900k visits is a real thrill.

So - here's some pretty sensational stuff to celebrate :-)

Shalom and blessings of hope, health and happiness to you all.



KEVolution! said...

a little cock oughta put some asses into the seats, eh?

;) lol!

congrats on your almost milestone!

Damien said...

Kev - I've always found cock has been good for putting asses ANYWHERE actually :)

Thanks Mr :)

MAC said...

900,000... I wonder how many of those are mine? CONGRATS!!!

Damien said...

MAC - quite a few I am sure :)

Queer Heaven said...

wow!!!! Mazel Tov!