Friday, 27 September 2013

Fuck Friday... Safe .. Raw ... However ..

It's time for the annual poll of how you fuck.

Do you fuck with condoms only, bareback only, condoms most of the time etc?

Please go to the poll on the right to tell us how you fuck.

You can anonymously tell us in the comments WHY you choose to fuck the way you do.

Thanks all... this is an important one so as MANY PPL do it as possible.




Anonymous said...

do bb 100% with my long term partner

Queer Heaven said...

I've been the fucker and the fuckee always using condoms for so long, I doubt I would even enjoy BB.
The reason I always use condoms? is stupid not to!

Anonymous said...

Bareback mostly unless the other guy insists. Lived my life now I don't care if I catch anything. I test regular so I can honestly tell my partners I'm neg.

Bigen03 said...

I never use a condom and I'm 28 yrs old. But I'm with my partner and we were neg before we got together and still are. We have plans to get married in the spring. :-)

But before I was in love... Condoms 100%.

Damien said...

Congrats Bigen03 :)

Thank you for your input and many blessings for your upcoming nuptials