Saturday, 16 November 2013

So Hot Saturday.... Boomer Banks ...

I am a huge fan of this guys work and not just coz he is hung like a firehose... he is also one of the more interactive and appreciative adult actors on Twitter.  I think he would be a blast to hang out with and a really good friend.

And just look at that smile.... I like a good dick... but I **love** a nice smile.  WINNER !

I hope to meet him in the flesh one day.

Shalom all


Anonymous said...

I generally don't go in for guys with tats but on him they sort of look good. And he is hung rather nicely.

MAC said...

GASP... drop to my knees... SLURP, SLURP... GAG!

In other words, I like him too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

He looks so different in the first pic. I like your choice - here's his Rent Boy page. Your dream could cum true. Boomer Banks

Damien said...

Sean - one day.

Queer Heaven said...

You just made my day! Da Dick O'Mine just popped to attention!