Saturday, 7 December 2013

Men In White Shorts Project ... So Hot Saturday ...

This Saturday I have decided to  dedicate todays post to an amazing photographer.

FLYFOTO is a Boston based Fashion & Physique photographer who specialises in creating powerful, dramatic and sensual images of men.

Along with Brenton from Aussielicious, FLYFOTO (sites here and here) is one of my favourite photographers.  Just like Brenton, he is able to catch that "X" quality that makes a good photo a GREAT SHOT.    He has been working on a special project called "White Shorts".

An outline of the project, including a sample of the book, is below.
Enjoy.  I urge you to purchase this book and support an artist from OUR community.

Thank you to FLYFOTO for allowing me to present some of his work here.


White Shorts is a photographic study by FLYFOTO which spanned over a 5 year period, shooting multiple male models in the exact same simple pair of white mesh shorts.  Each model was given 3 basic poses to work with and encouraged to bring forth their own interpretation of male sensuality.  Models include: Derek Atlas, Mike Dozer, Girth Brooks, Jesse Jackman, Dirk Caber, Aiden Cole, Peter Latz, Collin Stone, Carter Jacobs, Tristan Baldwin, and many more.

Beyond the variety of models, lighting techniques and backgrounds, the variables remained constant.  The images serve to inform the viewer of how male sensuality is communicated by each model in very different ways.

The book represents a wide cross section of the project and can be purchased here:

The book is available in hard cover, soft cover and eBook for iPad.




MAC said...

Added to my Christmas list.

Damien said...

Thank you MAC - I am sure FLYFOTO will be very pleased to hear that :)