Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wow Wednesday ... Hollyweird.......

They were once fresh faced and we all thought "awwwwww - they're going to go far"...
But then - they boarded the cray-cray train.........

Enjoy and discuss....

Bobby "BobbAAAAYYYY" Brown


 Brian "Beat the shit out of the wife" Bonsall

 Edward "Flick me that needle" Furlong


 Lindsay "Blow" Lohan


Tom "Xenu Jesus" Cruise

 Val "Batman Tanked Me" Kilmer

 Vince "Coke n Hookers" Vaughn


Vincent "I'm a method actor" D'Onofrio

Whilst this is definitely fodder for a little chuckle - one can't help but be a little saddened by this.

Oh my......... wow indeed.



Brenton said...

Wow... the kid from Family Ties!
they are all a bit messed up. Tom is nuts.

Damien said...

Yeah - the kid from family ties went on to Star Trek TNG - then into heroin alley.