Sunday, 19 January 2014

Dear LGBT Activists..... SHUT UP !! .......

DISCLAIMER - this does not apply to ALL activists - but most..... sadly....

Here is my grumpy old man gripe for the week.  Yes, those who know would ask "only one?", and I could have done MANY more, but this one is like an anal fissure that Anusol just can not reach.

LGBT Activists.  You do NOT speak for me.  It is very clear through your actions and your agenda that you are attempting to speak for YOURSELVES.

I would like to know WHO you are polling when and IF you conduct research?

I would like to know what questions you ask when you do?

Why are you MOSTLY one colour?  According to your own photos that you release to the media of your "events"... all I see are white men and the occasional butch white lesbian.

Why must you perpetuate the myth that most activists are screeching harpies unable to form words without them being propelled by voluminous amounts of spit and angst?

Why do you consider yourself "living martyrs"?  You are nothing of the sort.  If you want to "act" then fine... but don't try to label yourself as Mother Theresa.  It makes you look more foolish than you already are.

Many of you need to realise that you need to pick ONE issue e.g. LGBT Immigration, and STICK TO IT! You should be ORGANISED so that each issue has a group that permanently lobbys and acts on it.

You clearly do not talk to each other.  (See the above comment re organisation).

It would be nice if you could approach "the dark side" on their terms.  Get a suit.  Have a shower.  Book a meeting.  BE PREPARED.  Cite legal precedent.  Don't shout and turn into a Banshee who's in a meth hole.  Use their own system against them.

Please do not TELL ME what to care about.  ASK ME.  You would be quite surprised by the information I can give you.

We won't always agree.  But don't try to demonise ME when we do.  And don't pull the whole "You just don't understand" shit.  Trivialising those who you are supposed to be representing does more damage than the Christianazis.

OH - one last thing - if I send your group an email, there should be a response.  Not a form email auto response.  You should have a FULL TIME COMMUNICATIONS person who reads, sorts, and prioritises email based on their content and not which A-Gay or mainstream celeb sent them in.

I am not the only one who despairs at you people.  You are also the ones who put me / and others off getting involved.  

Seriously..... you all make me so tired.   And I am pretty certain I am not the only one.

Activism - worldwide - needs to grow up.  Petulant teenage tactics are not getting ANYONE anywhere.



Unknown said...

You speak with reason and passion. Good on you!

Anonymous said...

See a need, fill a need.

Anonymous said...

Soz but the longer the posts are the less I pay attention since im an alcoholic atm. Lets hope this doesnt become long term.