Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Anon Commenters Make Me Vomit...

So an "Anon" commenter left this little gem on my piece about "The Scary Part Of Me"...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
When I found your blog, it had my interest. However, with your "bump" blog I am concerned for the people around you. So much so that I no longer wish to read. With this blog you seem violent and adamant that you will not/ can not change.

Dear Mr Anon.  No I am not violent.  If you had taken the time to read AND comprehend my piece - clearly an effort for you - you would have viewed the piece as it was, an exploration of my broken brain that is the residence of The Monster that is my depression.

No.  I am not a monster.  No I am not going to go postal on my family or those around me.  "The Monster" puts those images and impulses in my broken brain.  *I* as a human being who has both care and concern for those around me would never do it. 

*You* on the other hand are a tool who felt empowered by the moniker of "Anonymous" to try to say something shocking about me, and yet, all it really did was highlight your own ignorance.

So yes - thank you for leaving my blog - I don't need you here.  Unfortunately, this means that you probably will now bug someone else with your ignorance.  Happy day for me.  Not so happy for the next person.

Oh.... and no, I wouldn't even hit you for bumping me.  I might kick your arse for being a moron.  But that's just a happy day out for me.

Fuck off.



Patrick said...

You go, girl.

Mark Knight said...

Once knowing what violence creates and what responses it entails it just aint worth it. Best using common sense etc. to try resolve this criteria mentally rather than verbally or physically