Thursday, 30 October 2014

Bubb Is In Hospital....

For 15 months, Bubb has been experiencing acute neuropathic pain.

On an average day Bubb's pain is around 6-7 out of 10.  The last fortnight he has had an acute attack of pain and its between 8-9 out of 10. 

To say we have been exploring options is rather an understatement.  Today he had a lumbar puncture to explore THOSE options and is now resting uncomfortably in hospital.

We have seen a myriad of Doctors, Specialists, and Clinics.  I think Bubb has been prescribed every pain med legally available (with the exception of ketamine infusion which is now available in Australia apparently).  And his pain has not improved.

He is now mostly confined to the house.  Walking any significant distance is agony.  He cannot work.  He is even in pain whilst sitting.  Sleep is difficult.  The emotional toll on him is significant.

So if any of you are friends with a really good Doctor..... let me know..... I am willing to contact doctors anywhere for a nineteenth opinion actually.

The difficulty is that even now we still know so little about pain and how it can be caused and how to treat it.

I am very proud of Bubb though.  His sense of humour and his love haven't waned throughout this and you could easily forgive him if it had.

Take care all



MAC said...

OH NO... I'll keep him in my thoughts. He's lucky to have you as a nurse. ;-) XOXO MAC

Damien said...

Thanks MAC

Mike said...

Sounds like fibromyalgia. (Not that that would be much of a consolation as there is no known cure, and the cause is not even well understood.)

He has my sympathy.

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