Sunday, 5 October 2014

Challenge ... "Why Do I Blog?"...

I was asked why I blog.  So I am going to make it a challenge to a few other bloggers as well.

I blog....
  • To raise awareness of mental illness and depression and provide examples of how it affects me.
  • To share my own interests - my type of music / politics / faith.
  • To sometimes share nothing except the occasional man candy.
  • As a creative outlet.
  • A way of inviting debate and discourse (we won't agree all the time and shouldn't).
  • To have the opportunity to (e)meet interesting people who think outside the box.
  • To just have a different point of view out in the webverse.
I think the only thing I would change about my blog is a somewhat increased interaction with my readers, but if no one is saying anything I'm going to think I'm doing something right lol :)

So now... Brenton, BosGuy and MAC.... and Viktor...  Why do you blog?



MAC said...

I'll consider that your "Ask MAC" question. Stay tuned for the answer. ;-)

Damien said...

Thank you MAC !

Mark in DE said...

Keep it up! While I don't comment all the time, I do enjoy reading your blog.

Damien said...

Cheers Mark :)