Sunday, 26 October 2014

HELP! I have adware installed by blogger!!!....

Is anyone else having this issue and if so can you advise if you have found a fix?

Every page is coming up with HOTWORDS or pop up links for ads.

Ive run two full system scans and it's still on my machine.

I would appreciate any assistance you can provide.




Justin said...

I've had this horror problem before, try going into your control panel and select uninstall a program, check out recent programs that have been installed and if they seem suss delete them. Also check your browser add on's/extensions and delete any add on's you haven't requested. In my experience you have to delete them from both your computer and browser to get rid of them. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Try MalWareBytes - very useful tool

Justin said...

So did you get rid of your adware? most people just google "how do I get rid of adware"

Damien said...

I got rid of everything BUT the thing that is still popping up. Sent a support request to blogger in case it's something w them.

PS I googled. But I'm not IT savvy and the choices were plentiful so I reached out in the hope of someone giving me something that worked.

Scotty said...

Damien, Try Malwarebytes. It's free and works pretty well. There's also another app call Superantispyware. Both have free versions.

Damien said...

Thanks Scotty

PS did you just email me?