Monday, 6 October 2014

Some Things You May Not Know About Me...

My faith informs every part of my life.  Even if it isn't obvious.

I've written 2 Star Trek novels.  Yet to be published.

I've written a Symphonic Suite for strings and woodwind.  Unpublished.  Yet ;-)

Out of three separate IQ tests I averaged 145.  Apparently this is good.

I come across as all over the place.  That's more about you than me.

My love for my friends is boundless.  Even if I may not be present often.

If I call you "friend" I mean it.  And it's significant.

I have been hurt by those I considered close.  This was their deficiencies, not mine.  They aren't present in my life anymore.  May they rot in Hell.

My current circle is full of people of integrity and worth and I am blessed for that.

My Ima (mother) is a saint on earth.  Anyone who wishes to argue that, you will do so at your own peril.  I'm stronger than you think.  And I have rage on my side.

I'm smarter on any given day than 99% of the ppl in the room.

I hide my intelligence because my empathy and compassion are more important.

I have been fortunate to have two great loves.  The first was taken from me.  The second knows who he is and appreciates me in ways beyond the simplistic and obvious.

I'm blessed by knowing my friends are there always, even if life keeps my from them.

I'm good. I'm not perfect.  But I try every day to be better than the previous.

Do you?

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