Monday, 17 November 2014

Gay Quest For Perfection...

This is a topic that often gets discussed on gay blogs.  And yet we continue to discuss it.  Why?

I'm writing about this because it's all over Facebook, Twitter and Blogs.  All.  The.  Time.

Examples are;
  • Someone's dick isn't big enough.
  • Someone else's job isn't good enough for them to date.
  • Someone else's car isn't good enough for them to date.
  • Guy X loves his abs but knows his pecs aren't good enough (this one I don't get).
  • I need a better job because I'm not going to find someone in the job I have.
  • I need to move to suburb Y because suburb X is the wrong one to be in.
  • If I just lose those last 5 kgs / 11pounds, I'll be happy.
  • Yes he seems nice on Facebook, but I can't socialise or be friends with a fatty.
  • That hot PT at the gym, he is SO hot, but he has "baggage".
  • I only ever buy the top brands.  Why be seen in K-Mart?
  • If you're going to date anyone, date up.  Never date down.
  • I've heard he goes to bathhouses/saunas, he's a slut.  I'm not touching that.
  • Not good enough / Not good enough / Not good enough.
We are dreadful with this.  And I am not going to say I don't do it too now and then, but the question is WHY do we do it?

Is it good old lack of self-esteem?
Are we really that greedily ambitious?
Why do we feel the need to aim for MORE and is it bad thing? 
Does it have some actual good?  Or do we take it too far?

Love to hear your thoughts.




grouchy said...

I'll comment!

Everyone has baggage or a skeleton.
The 'one' that gets me is slamming other races on the internet. Just because a certain race is unattractive to you, there is no need to slam them.
Now, I will say that I once dated a guy who was my perfect body type and size who really liked me. But, he was one level up from street person and didn't have his act together. "Fix yourself first'"
Luckily, I do live in the correct gay neighborhood and town.But only by luck.

Queer Heaven said...

Why do we do this?
I sure do not have all the answers. But it seems to me that often these are part a result of not so much our own self-esteem, but more likely our concern as to what our friend will think aboutour choices.
I learned years ago... I do not care one Fuck what others think about who I am or who I choose to have sex with.

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