Wednesday, 30 December 2015

*Updated* Body Types - Your Choices

So the results from the Body Types poll are in and here they are.......

**Ppl were able to make multiple choices.

Most of you liked the idea of a Guy with muscles and a little bit of fat. 41%


Then VERY close behind was our pornstar ripped with abs 36%

Close to that was the Naturally Lean.  Quite a few of you clearly like skinny men. 32%

Only a few liked a Muscle Giant 13%

Suprisingly, quite a few of you liked a padded guy  25%

Triathlete wiry came in next.  15%

Then Chubby. 10%

No surprise - none of you liked fat. 0%

Feel free to discuss.



LP - Hired Stud said...

The only change I would make to the results is to put muscle giant next to last. When a guy is too muscular he just can't do anything in bed, it is more of an obstacle course maneuvering his muscles than it is a pleasurable experience.

Mark in DE said...

Perhaps you can include the % of votes so we can see how close or far apart the results were. Interesting...

grouchy said...

An average, everyday Joe (padded) was my choice. I am surprised.

Anonymous said...

I think it would be interesting to see what quality viewers would look for when they are looking for a long term partner rather than focusing on looks.

The Mistress said...

The Mistress isn't fussy but muscle men don't appeal at all.

Happy New Year to you, Damien!

Damien said...

And to you Mistress :)

Anonymous said...

I put fat men last too, yet personality, intelligence, kindness, good manners, and openness can override any physical appearance in my experience. My first lover was a Chinese man and before him, I was never attracted to Asian men in general. His personality, charm and intelligence won me over. The same thing would probably happen with the right fat guy.

Conversely, too many conventionally handsome men are real jerks and negate attraction by their personalities.

Studs said...

The 1st & 2nd type... <3 My faves, mhm!!