Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Trumps Favourite Ex-Navy Seal

So Carl Higbie used to be a Navy Seal (and he's gorgeous).

This is Carl.  Carl is very pretty.

Firstly - I am grateful and in awe of people who choose to serve their country.  I think it takes a special quality within them to stand up and say "I want to serve and potentially lay down my life for my country".

Carl is also part of a Pro-Trump super PAC that is supporting the Presidential Wannabe Oompah-Loompah Donald Trump.

And here is what he said.......

Read it a second time........ (I'll wait)..............


Thank you Carl for serving our country.  However, you basically said absolutely nothing about Donald Trump as the reason for being the next Commander-In-Chief.  E.g. "He says what he means, and he means what he says, he doesn't mince words." 

You just minced words Carl and said nothing substantive.  Just like your candidate.

Fail pretty Carl.




Jimmy said...

Ya can't fix 'stupid'.

Stupid people shouldn't breed!

IDJIT! (southern pronunciation for idiot).

Damien said...

I hear ya Grouchy - I hear ya

Andrew said...

Means what he says will be a nightmare for the world. I suspect the public service will put a stop to Trumpet's wilder ideas.

Damien said...

Andrew - the Federal Government takes its point from the Prez. Prez Trumpet says do something the Feds will have to do it. I don't think he'll get in. Hillary is trending too strong.

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