Saturday 20 March 2010

................In All My Glory............. But Not For Long..............

........... say goodbye to the physical person you see in these pictures.

In 6months I will post updated pics - with these - expect huge changes.

BTW - I make this decision to put myself out there because for the first time I am OK with myself being out there - and I have finally found some comfort in this out of shape bod of mine.

That takes balls - and I am so frigging happy that I finally rediscovered mine.......

Life is getting better - and I cant begin to tell you how fucking awesome it is.

I challenge anyone who is on the fence about personal growth to reach down - cup their balls in their hand - then howl at the moon baby !!!

Its an empowering fucking feeling.





Princess said...

Congratulations Mr 2!!!

You are Beautiful and Brave!

I applaud you in all your gloriousness and wish you well on your journey ahead my fellow traveller.

I am some way from feeling the confidence and self acknowledgement/acceptance that you show, but I am determined to get there...

You have inspired me with your fortitude.

queer heaven said...

Good for you Damien! It is nice to see you are getting more comfortable wit yourself. All the best to you.

SteveA said...

Keep the positive attitude and be happy! said...

Well done! As someone who is also struggling to lose weight I am behind you 100%!


Corve said...

lets work out...i wana seee the updates

Brenton said...

Congratulations Damien
You are going to have good and bad days but you are a tough cookie with some guts to do this.
It's a great thing!

Damien said...

Thank you all for your support and encouragement.

It hasnt been an easy journey - but its been a worthwhile one - and Brenton - NOW you see what you have to work with gorgeous.. :)

The Mistress said...

When you post the updated pics, kindly remove that big black oval that is blocking our view.

*playfully grabs handful of Mr. Nude Infomaniac’s cute bottom*

Stephen said...

I am just home from the gym... & I am inspired by you & this post.

I look forward to your progress, nut remember, you are loved just as you are.

Wonder Man said...

I'm in awe of you, I wish you luck.

Damien said...

Mistress MJ - Your wish is my command ma'am :)

Stephen - thanks so much and yes I do know = the improvement is for ME - not anyone else ;)

WM - cheers dude - means a lot :)

Anonymous said...

I am 52.
I did it at your age.
Best of Luck, I would come and work and cook and give you support if I could.
Number one reason to get in shape....You will feel great and be healthy and will stick with us longer so we can enjoy your writing(I am not selfish)
YOU WILL DO IT..and remember, one day at a time!

EMikeGarcia said...

It's too bad you covered up those super-huge brass balls of yours!

Good for you, babe... I wish you the best of luck and I thank you for the inspiration.