Saturday, 24 April 2010

........Guilty Pleasure.......I F*cking Love This Kid........

......and I would have a big bro / little bro bromance with him in a NANO-second (Nothing dirty - this is a clean post............. seriously).

I just love the fact that (a) he is a male soprano who doesn't shy from it, &, (b) he OWNS his sexuality and wasn't going to stay in the closet JUST coz someone told him it was more profitable to do so.
(Plus he is one of the singers on Glee who needs NO technological assistance with this voice - respect little man - respect!)

Love him.

Love the HECK out of him.

HUGE B'rucchah to this kid - he deserves it.



My boy singing his own solo of "Defying Gravity" - kicks arse!!!!

My boy in Like A Prayer with his cute little solo bit :)

My boy Vogue-ing his arse off with Sue Sylvester!!!

*sigh* - totally in love - totally - you own and stay true to your big gay self kid - you rock!!



Lisa said...

He's a cutie. I haven't gotten into Glee yet though . ..

Damien said...

Ill lend you both of the music cd's - awesome shite - songs from our era all arranged for choral voice - rocks with its' cock out. :)

Or ........... mummage out in your case :)

cb said...

The storylines involving Kurt on Glee are the best. And he and mercedes kicked ASS in the Madonna episode!

DuPree said...

Amen, Damien. My baby gay is the best! Love the Kurt/Chris character and voice. Makes me wish I was a couple decades younger - to take good care of that angelic voice.