Thursday, 8 April 2010

..............More Westboro.............. So THIS Is Free Speech Huh?? ..........

.....................which is fine but when *I* decry these people I am told by other bloggers to shut the hell up coz in America you have Free Speech.

Just to let you know - we DO have Hate Speech laws in Australia - as well as privacy laws protecting the rights of victims - so I will point out how abhorrent these people's actions are.

Free Speech was NEVER meant to protect evil people like this.

The full article is at Sozo's Blog HERE - one of my favourite reads.

Here is an excerpt.......

According to this document put out by the church itself, they plan to
The document goes on to say that:
"In 2006 when God killed 12 miners, we reminded you that God owns those mines! WBC scheduled a trip to Virginia and West Virginia for this week, April 8-11, 2010, and you brutes immediately started threatening us and blaspheming God. So God reached down and smacked one of those mines, killing 25 (and likely four more are dead). Now you moan and wallow in self-pity, and pour over the details of the dead rebels’ lives, pretending they’re heroes. We will join that public discussion and remind you – again: obey God or He will curse you! This whole nation is awash in rebellious sin and defiance of God, His standard, and His servants’ faithful words. THEY DIED FOR YOUR SINS! “Thus saith the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel; Behold, I will bring upon this city and upon all her towns all the evil that I have pronounced against it, because they have hardened their necks, that they might not hear my words,” Jer. 19:15.


So.................. let me sum up in my own blunt but oh so adorable Aussie way.

Incitement to hate is NOT Free Speech - it is simple HATRED being protected by a man written document. The abuse of the Constitution by these people is disgusting and abhorrent to all concerned.

I do not believe that MY American Grandfather who fought in WWII would approve of the acts of these people being protected.


Anonymous said...

The lunatics at Westboro need to be locked up in a mental institution right along with the members of the U.S. Supreme Court that voted in favor to overturn the judgment against them and award legal fees. This outrage is so over the top, frankly there are not civil words in the dictionary to describe how incensed I am. When these lunatics began these disgraceful demonstrations at the funerals of fallen soldiers, I wrote Margie - Phelps daughter. She emailed right back with rambling biblical scripture with a commandment that I get down on my knees and ask God's forgiveness. Frankly, I went berserk. I wrote the raving maniac the most vile, profanity laced message of my life and fired it off. She responded again with the remark, "you talk like a Canadian." Whatever the hell that means. These people are dangerous and a menace to society. The concept that any family, especially those who have lost a young man or daughter to enemy fire, should have to endure the hate and slander of Westboro maniacs is beyond reason.

What surprises me is that members of Westboro have not been blown away by an angry family member. Frankly, given the insanity which has gripped all reason in the government of the USA, from the White House, Congress and now the Supreme Court, this is just one more "problem" that will have to be dealt with by vigilante justice.

Wonder Man said...

those folks are just crazy

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