Wednesday, 14 April 2010

.........OMFG I Am Plutzing!!! ............... Glee: Sue Sylvester Vogues!!!.....

..........saw this at Pink Is The New Blog............................... OH MY FREAKIN GOD !!! - I love this !!

Enjoy in all it's Gleetastic amazement !!!


Princess said...

Thanks Damien. That was great!

and i read somewhere that she is getting married too.

Wonder Man said...

so fun

The Mutant said...

I don't get the Glee thing at all. I get that they're great imitators, as this clearly shows, but where's the trademark style?

Wesley said...

I'm still masturbating to this video. Brilliant!

Damien said...

Princess - TOO TRUE - her and her gf - awwwwwwwwwwwww......

WM - I am wearing out this track.

Mutt - being a choir boy - ALL we sang were other ppl's songs ;) - thats the appeal of Glee - takes everyone back.

Wes - masturbating to a video is good - masturbating to THIS video?? DO you need me to send you something more appropriate mate :) ?

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The Mutant said...

Singing other people's songs isn't a problem. Try Tori Amos' cover of Smells Like Teen Spirit on for size - but this is an almost word and pitch-perfect performance, I can barely tell it apart from Madge's version. I just don't get it but maybe I'm broken?

Unknown said...

Awesome, I love Glee, and am so looking forward to this episode ---if Vogue is any indicator, it is gonna be great!