Friday, 2 April 2010

.....People Got Pissed At Me..........I Am A Very Unpopular Blogger Right Now...............

......................seems I pissed some people off by emailing them and asking why they haven't blogged about the damn Westboro church and their disgusting practice of picketing funerals. NOW the Westboro freaks are getting legal settlements from the family of one of their protests in the form of COLD - HARD - CASH !!!!

Now it seems when I mention that this is DISGUSTING and INCOMPREHENSIBLE.... I have - on no less than three occasions in the last 24 hours - been slapped down by bloggers I respect and consider intelligent people with the phrase "It's free speech - what they are doing is supported by our constitution and we may not like it but they are allowed to do it."

You know what ... I don't necessarily believe that our founding fathers would have approved of NUT-JOBS SLANDERING AND DEFACING THE MOST SACRED RITUAL A FAMILY HAS!!!

IT'S A FUNERAL STUPID !! - not a bunch of people out on a fucking doughnut run!!!

Is it because the poor kid that died was straight that gay bloggers aren't making more out of this?

There has been more shit thrown at Canada for having hate speech laws than their has been about this poor kids family having to pay EVIL people - yes they are EVIL people - for taking a stand against the picketing of the last day they could ever spend with their child....... his funeral.

I love America - I love it as my second home as I am of American descendancy but I am totally flummoxed at how Americans stand back and only get angry when it suits them.

I am stunned and ashamed.

And so should EVERY single person who shrugs and simply says "It's free speech dude - they have the right."

Yes they have the right to free speech - they DO NOT have the right to make a mockery of a funeral. Nor should they have the protection of law when a Father and Mother finally say enough is enough.

Bill O'Reilly stood the fuck up and said enough was enough and has said he will pay the legal costs so a family in grief doesn't have to.

O'Reilly stands up - and others - including influential bloggers - stand back.

America has truly flipped upside down and inside out if O'Reilly is doing good.

I realise I am opening myself up to a shit storm of hate mail now - and bloggers I thought of friends are probably going to take me off their blog rolls and call me yet "Another foreigner who doesn't understand America". But I consider this a dreadful abuse of the American Constitution and want to know why others don't agree with me.

G-d may Bless America - but I do not believe He is particularly happy with the way Americans abuse their Man given rights.

I am stunned.............................. truly stunned.




Princess said...

I have a "Roach Bomb" Handy...

Another connundrum of The American Way"...

I was as appalled as you to read about this disgusting turn of events Damien...

Some times we care too much... and speech is never free! Particularly when there are dollars to be made from it! And Big Money to Back it...

Wonder Man said...

good point, Damien said...

Well said Damien. They are a horrific bunch and what they do is far outside what I consider to be "free speech".

Personally over the years I have blogged about them so many dozens of times and of their disgusting ways that I almost have started to feel that I am doing exactly what they want.

They are media whores and the more media attention they get the happier they are. I now just turn my back to them and protest in silence, I am done giving them the virtual ink they so wickedly crave.

Stan said...

If I may add....what is even more egregious is that this is the funerals of men who have sacrificed their lives serving their country. That's what's so appalling to me.

Anonymous said...

Thank You Damien.

Could things be winding more out of control in the US?

An expat in France.

If I weren't a non believer, I would pray for those soldiers' families.

cb said...

It is truly unfortunate that the "free speech" argument can apply in this case. We protect people's right to assembly and protest.

BUT-- I think they need to look at how the law applies to funerals, specifically because funerals/burials can only happen in specific locations which then forces a family to be exposed to the protests.

When then infringes on their right to privacy.