Sunday, 30 May 2010

.....WTF.................. No I Am Not Too Fat - You're Too Stoopid........... men - SMARTEN THE FUCK UP !!!!!

Even you - Mr Personal Trainer Who Thinks He Is A Demi God - will not be young and hot forever.

You may want to think about that the next time you are online and tell me "You could be really cute if you weren't fat."


Seriously - our straight brothers have one over us when it comes to weight issues.

Whilst women all want to be stick thin - most str8 men like their women with curves and some fat. ALL of the str8 friends I have had over the years HATED stick thin or Barbie-like women.

And yet Gay men are total C*nts when it comes to this issue.

Why??? We are supposedly more educated, more cultured and less discriminatory - yet we see someone with my build and run screaming like Medusa suddenly busted down the door !!

Seriously - smarten the fuck up.

Karma is a bitch - and she will find you.

So enjoy your abs whilst you can - coz one day, a young gay man will look at you and say "I am SO out of your league!"

When they do - think of me - I'll be the fat bastard in the corner with a glass of red and a big "Told You So" grin.

Bitchy - fuck yeah - deserved - FARK YEAH !!!

This rant is now over - please go back to your scheduled programming.





Anonymous said...

This is the reason I make it a science of picking the ego apart of a muscle-head who because he thinks he's got it all, is really a mass of eggshells just waiting for someone to step on. Trust me, that gym-bunny with all the 'tude? So, so insecure.

Take care, Damien

Damien said...

Cheers Ivan :) - and yes I know how eggshell they are - but i want them to put aside the insecurity and be nicer to their fellows.

SteveA said...

Gay men can go on either end of the spectrum....there are those who are normal and want a good relatinship and then there are those who are superficial and compete bitches - it's not uncommon - it can go either ways!

The Mutant said...

I don't get it. Who in their right mind would try to tell you that you're not totally sexy just the way you are.

Fuck it, at the end of the day we're none of us, perfect. Of course if anyone thinks that of the likes of you or me, then there's another hundred men who wouldn't notice, but a cunt of an attitude, that's universal... My how those lads must suffer.

Wonder Man said...

screw him, you're cute

Damien said...

Mutt - thanks handsome :) - and I was just having a chat re maybe doing a profile on him. Not now :)
Yes they must suffer. Insecurity and caustic attitude of that magnitude must weigh em down.

WM - Thanks V - back at ya mister :)

EMikeGarcia said...

I'm sorry you encountered an asshole, but, I really don't think that the majority of the gay community is like you described. Sure, maybe the personal trainers, or the club-hoppers, and if that's what you're looking for, then you should expect this kind of rejection from time to time.

Though I agree with you, from a personal standpoint, I don't fault someone who's spent much time on their physical appearance for finding me unattractive, especially if I'm cruising for sex online. When it comes to physical appearance, I am, truly, out of their league. HOWEVER, for him to just come out and say it to you makes him an asshole.

I've always been the kind of guy who gets cuter as he talks. Most of the men that I've dated have fallen for me only after friendship, and I love that about myself. There have been many MANY times when conventionally attractive, yet dull and simple men have developed crushes after getting to know me and I politely decline, because, when it comes to the qualities I see in myself that I am proud of, the number and quality of books I read, the amount of attention I pay to domestic and international politics, science and art, my religious studies, and my own personal moral code, I am, in my own arrogant world, out of THEIR league.

You call this boy who spends many more hours in the gym than you stupid, and the dim-witted men in affliction shirts call me a geeky snob.

Aside from the fact that I wouldn't ever hurt someone just to prove a point, is there a difference?

Damien said...

Mikey - the difference is that you WOULDNT hurt someone to make a point.

They are unable to see that as a difference and yes it is a huge one.

Firstly - you are aware of the fact that it simply isnt about the physical but a combination of everything INCLUDING personality and intellect and culture etc.

The walking pair of pecs that are in our community sadly have no clue. Now I wasnt even hitting on this guy, I was talking to him about a profile.

He made a comment that HE thought was perfectly acceptable. And that is MY difference. It was not acceptable. But so many in our community believe it is ok to say that coz all gay men are supposed to be thin and bodycentric.

Now - I wasnt about to tell him how hard it is for me to lose weight given I am on a steroid for asthma and an anti depressant - both of which have an enormous impact on the body.

I shouldnt have to. Considering I wasnt trying to pick him up - he should have been thinking above the waistline. But he couldnt.

And that is what we have - a body centric culture that doesnt place our humour or intellect first - but our waist size and clothing label.

Sad sad sad.