Friday, 24 June 2011

...... 2 Stoopid - It Is Regrettable When Someone Dies.....

But if you're going to drink & then drive 110mph over the speed limit - please kill only yourself.

That is all.

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JiEL said...

Your dam right.

We have some issues here in Province de Québec with STUPID young men killing themselves and other by driving with a high alcool percentage and even drugged.

In the past months, there are numerous accidents caused by them.
Not to mention again, the innocent that are killed and injured for life.

The government is reacting and will limit there driver's licence permit by lowering their points and age limits.

BUT that will not discourage BRAINLESS boys to DRINK and DRIVE.

I know many young that are VERY serious BUT, as usual, the have to pay for the few STOOPID ones...

And Bonne Fête de la St-Jean à tous les Québecois..