Sunday, 11 September 2011

......2 Celebrate.............Happy 40th Pip................

Some of my long term readers may remember me posting about my friend and first love Phillip AKA Pip.

Pip left us and travelled to Olam Ba-Ha in 1996 after succumbing to Non-Hodgkins Lymphnoma brought on by an HIV depressed immune system.

Last night a group of approx 30 of us gathered to celebrate his 40th Birthday.

It was an emotional evening but one of joy, celebration, remembrance and fellowship.

I could not HELP but share one of the first pictures of Pip and I.

Enjoy - Pip is next to me on the right and yes, that REALLY is me at 19.

Here are more photos of the event.....

Mazel Tov Pip my darling - you are missed, even though you are always with me.

Me sucking it in for the photo pre-party

My wonderful and elegant Ima

Pip's cake - a stage and musical notes - Pip had a beautiful singing voice

The table

Mish (Pip's sister) and her son Nick - who is a complete doppelganger for his Uncle

Pip's parents

More of the mob

Musical notes were scatter all over the table as decorations - they're semi-quavers if you're interested

Mob :)

Chicken Mignon - Tiger Prawn stuffed Chicken wrapped with Serrano Ham - GORGEOUS!!

Mob - the man in the blue shirt on the R with the lovely smile is Pips younger brother Bryan

Me and Ima

Me the morning after - OW, OWEE, OUCH, WHY? FOR THE LOVE OF G-D WHY?
(it may have been all those bottles of Sav Blanc my friend Simon kept purchasing)

Shalom all.



queer heaven said...

What a wonderful tribute.

cb said...

I'm sure Pip enjoyed the party

Wonder Man said...

that was nice and you're cute when you're pouty

The Mistress said...

That's you in the short shorts?

Damien said...

QH - thanks mate.

cb - I think he did.

WM - you smooth talker you :)

mj - that is your numero uno houseboy at 19 in short shorts :))))

The Mistress said...

I've right-clicked and saved.