Thursday, 12 September 2013

Who Did It better?.. Chris Colfer .. Kristin Chenoweth ...

Now our dear lady-bird Susanne Boyle brung it home with the last WDIB 2 to 1 up against the Glee ladies...... yes I like the Glee version too.... But SuBo rocked it .....

This time it is "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables

1st up is Chris Colfer

2nd is Kristen Chenoweth.

Now I have to say that this was a hard one for me as these two are two of my favourites.  I love Chris's crystal clear voice and such unique tone.  AND YET I am a Cheno fan through and through and her rendition is just virtuoso ............... so for me.............. it's a draw.  I can't vote on this one because I love them both.

You guys vote on this one for me :)



Jim said...

I am not a Chenoweth fan... but I like her voice on this song better.

Damien said...

Did you vote Jim in the poll on the top right Jim?

thank you !!

MAC said...

OMG... this is a tough one. I'm a total GLEEK. Chris of course is a lead on the show, but Kristin has guest starred a few times. It's so difficult!!! I had to listen to it a couple times. OK, I can do this. Chris? Chenoweth? They're equally talented.

Chenoweth it is!!!

Rainbow said...

I am going to have to vote Chris!!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Cheno ruined it for me by poor phrasing - she was breathing in the wrong places. Chris gave me tingles so gets my vote.

I had the pleasure of seeing the late Rob Guest sing this in his last tour with Les Miserables, and I haven't heard as good from anyone else. The best youtube version I've found (there isn't one of Rob, unfortunately) is by Colm Wilkinson

Damien said...

MAC - I know - I am completely loving both versions - cant vote.

Rainbow - Thank you !

Anon - she was a LITTLE off in phrasing but we can forgive that considering it was live. Rob Guest did do a wonderful version.