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Military Monday.... Defence Academy Sex Scandal....

Defence Skype sex scandal cadet suspended again over sex initiation group

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Daniel McDonald was found guilty in the ADFA Skype Scandal case. He has been suspended again over his alleged involvement in a sex initiation group.
A MILITARY cadet found guilty over the so-called Skype sex scandal has been suspended again, this time over an investigation into a homosexual sex initiation group. 

Daniel McDonald, now 21, and Dylan Deblaquiere, 20, faced the ACT Supreme Court on Monday for a sentencing hearing over the 2011 sex scandal at Canberra's Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA).
McDonald had sex with a fellow female military recruit in March 2011 and broadcast it live on Skype to Deblaquiere's room where other male cadets watched.
In August, both were found guilty of using a carriage service in an offensive manner and McDonald was also found guilty of committing an act of indecency.

In the sentencing hearing, the court was told McDonald was currently suspended from ADFA as a founding member of a defence bastardisation group called Love of my Life.
The group operated for about nine months, with members performing homosexual sex acts on one another as initiation into a defence football team.

Australian Federal Police sexual assault and child abuse team Detective Inspector Tony Crocker told the court McDonald had been suspended in June as a founding member of the group but had not been present at an incident at a Canberra nightclub that exposed the group.
Text messages from McDonald's phone were also tabled to the court showing he and another cadet had been involved sexually, in contravention of ADFA rules.
Prosecutor Kylie Weston-Scheuber said the evidence showed McDonald was not of the exemplary character that some of his character assessments painted.

Meanwhile, the victim of the Skype scandal told the men they ruined two years of her life and she will never forgive them.  The woman, now 20 and who cannot be named, was defiant in reading her victim impact statement to the court, looking directly at the pair and addressing them by name throughout.
She told them their actions had stolen her dignity, self-worth and dreams of an Air Force career.
"You could not have hurt me more if you had taken a bat and beaten me with it," she said.
" ... I will never be able to show you forgiveness for what you did to me."

During the trial, McDonald's counsel told the court the woman knew she was being filmed with a webcam.
The woman admitted to breaking the military college's rules prohibiting fraternisation by agreeing to have consensual sex.  But said she had not known she was being filmed with a laptop and was shocked and felt violated when she found out afterwards.  In the sentencing hearing, he said their actions had disgusted her.

"You reduced me to nothing more than an animal ... an object to be used by you and your friends for your own sick enjoyment," she said.

The hearing continues.

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Anonymous said...

She had sex with a virtual stranger and claims she was treated as "nothing more than an animal."

Sounds about right. Buyer's remorse can be a bitch.

And, so is she, apparently.

I am not defending the cadets' behavior, here. Just pointing out that she is not the innocent she portrays.

None of these skanks are -- let's be honest.