Wednesday, 29 January 2014

2 People Love Each Other ... Drive Each Other Crazy....

Have you ever had two members of your family who genuinely love each other, would do anything for each other, and yet have no consideration for the little things that irk each other.

What's worse is I love these two people with all my heart.

Simply put - the situation is not working.  It's not about a choice between the two, that would never happen and if I tried it, the two of them would instantly join forces and beat the crap out of me to the point that even dental records wouldn't help.

What I find frustrating is that these are two people are set in their ways.  Love and obstinance.  These are worse bedfellows than Mariah and Nick / Cleopatra and Marc / Stalin and any number of his family members.

The thing is - when the chips are down, they both jump for each others welfare in a nano-second.

However, they both has issues and quirks that drive each other crazy.

Me - I am crazy.  So, to be around this...... I do not know how to mediate it.  I flip between being Switzerland (neutrality) and the Fins (trusted mediators).

I am asking my wonderful  followers for ANY hints / tips / methods that have been successful in the past.

Right now - I am going to pop 4 valium and go to bed.

This is a genuine call for suggestions.  Please treat it as such and be respectful - as I know most of you always are.

Treasure the people who you love and love you - even if they drive you to prescription drugs :)



Anonymous said...

So you are Captain Kirk stuck between Spock and Mccoy, who would die for each other but on most days will argue and belittle each other. There's a scene in STII when McCoy tells Kirk that Kirk needs to resume his command rather than be an academy instructor. Kirk smirks slightly because McCoy is giving him the same advice that Spock gave him earlier in the day. They are more alike sometimes than either realizes. Stay out of their bickering and claim your power to make your own way in this situation. Remember that sometimes staying and arguing things out is a commitment to the relationship.

Anonymous said...

Damien, I know where you are coming from. My two were my parents. I learned never take sides, encourage them to talk it out, Walk away when necessary and let them know why. Always remain calm (hard to do) and know that they will need you at tims and you them. As my parents aged I became thier caregiver and witnessed firsthand how loving they became. Lost them both two years ago and would love to hear them bicker again