Thursday, 30 January 2014

5 Things That Made Me Happy Today...

I haven't been having a good week.  So a wonderful man I know suggested I come home and YouTube 5 things that would make me happy.  So I decided to blog them.

Hopefully, you will enjoy them too.

1.  Men of Queensland Ballet (My state ballet company)

2.  An amazing male soprano (yes it's really him)

3. Stunning display of beauty through strength

4. Breathtaking footage of the Earth from the ISS.

5. An Attenborough moment - of course :)


MAC said...

I love this idea... I may steal it for my blog,

Anonymous said...

Amazing, absolutely amazing!!

Damien said...

MAC - please do.

Anon - glad you enjoyed :)

Queer Heaven said...

Each and every one of these was wonderful!

Damien said...

I am glad you enjoyed them QH