Thursday, 23 January 2014

I Am NOT What You Think.....

Being a blogger and active on twitter, there have been a few comments made by others that suggest that people are interpreting my words and views .... somewhat inaccurately.

So here's a refresher...........

I am not a bimbo.  I have a sense of humour that embraces the silly.  We are taught to stop being silly as adults.
To that I say poo poo poo.

I am not sycophantic.  I freely recognise and compliment peoples talents, views, and qualities. 
When did giving a compliment become a bad thing?

I am not crazy.  I have a broken brain called Clinical Depression.  This means that sometimes I will be quite all over the place.  However, your ability to denigrate me for that shows far more of your inflexibility than it does of my misfiring of neurons.

I am smarter thank you think.  Just because I like to make vapid statements, means I like to take the piss out of everything.  Again, it is a commentary on things YOU take far too seriously.

I am a lusty wench.  I love sex.  I love porn.  I love penis.  I love cum.  I love bum.  And yet, when a romantic film comes on, I am running around the house like a Jane Austen period heroine.  When it ends, I become the milk maid who needs her protein.

I like to flirt and sext.  Yes I have a partner.  Yes he knows.  No it is none of YOUR business because we have faith and security in our relationship.  Stop being so awkward and feeling so inadequate.  Allow for the possibility that the structure of a relationship is beyond what YOU may have experienced.

I **am** handsome.  How can I say this without sounding preposterous?  Easy, I have had stunning men tell me about my lovely eyes, luscious lips, and engaging personality more than once.  Last time I was in Sydney, a bartender chose to spend his break with me chatting.  He told me (quoting) "you have something that many men simply do not have....... presence".  And yes, the kiss that followed spoke more complimentary than any words.

Oh - and a porn star - real star, not just a flash in the pan - told me - it isn't about chubby or not, its about manners, a smile, and a sense of humour.  Work it.

So there we go........................... PS I am happy to answer any questions you wish cleared up.

I have only ever been an open book.  The only way you would disagree is if YOU got it wrong :)

My love and blessings of hope, health and happiness to you all.



MAC said...

Point taken... great post.

Unknown said...

great post D, you go guuurrrl ;o)

Damien said...

MAC - glad you liked.

Tom - And I shall :)

Anonymous said...

tell em

Jimmy said...

I knew I liked you!

Queer Heaven said...

Absolutly great post Mr. Damien!

Anonymous said...

I like your post also.. I can relate to some of what this post includes, but not all lol.