Sunday, 5 January 2014

I'd Like To See The Following Die Out In 2014.....

In no particular order...

Racism in the gay community - Really people?  With everything ELSE out there, we have to discriminate against our own??

FatShaming - you will not help someone lose weight by the so called "Calling Them Out On It" approach.  You want to help?, talk to them about it.  WHY they are overweight might just surprise you.

Racial Silence - people want the conversation (or say they do) but don't want to answer my questions.  I swear if someone tells me to "google it" one more time I will throat punch them.  GOOGLING IS NOT A CONVERSATION.

Trans Invisibility - can we have more of our Transgenders have a higher profile?  Why do we try to keep them down?

Lesbian Bashing - why do Gay Men do it? Lesbians are part of our community facing the same hatred we are.

Victimhood - stop playing the victim.  There are real victims of violence / abuse / et al, who would dress you down with a cussing out if you called them victims.  You have a roof over your head and food in your belly.  Quit it.

GURL - this word needs to be assassinated.  You are not a female.  Don't call yourself one.  This word absolutely sends me crazy for some reason.

MASC - reverse of above.  Define masculinity in a way that is not homophobic.  You can't.  Do those pointing out their masculinity maybe have a little bit of internal shame going on?

Reality TV - yeah yeah, I know.  It isn't going away.  That's the shame.

Tony Abbott aka Mr Prime Minister - This man has in such a short time practically devolved Australia.

Lyle Shelton - head of Australian Christian Lobby - follow him on Twitter - it's a riot.....

Niggah - the "community reclaimed / proud black man" title.  Really??  If you could speak to any of the slaves back in history working the plantations, how "proud" do you think they would be of you reclaiming this word?

ArtPop - or anything similar.  Whatever happened to good music writing without the need for all this garbage such as autotune and walking the streets looking like a badly painted doll you get when you hit all three milk bottles with the ball.  Where did talent go?

The Extreme Left and Right - tired of the hate bashing.  The Christianazis bashing the left.  The Extreme Greenies hating on anyone who doesn't agree with them.

Poor Bashing - dear USA, when did you think it was seriously ok to hate up on the poor?  Where is the "helping people pull themselves up by their bootstraps?"  So much for empathy.

Bieber and Lohan - two of the most obvious examples of how "celebrity" got it all wrong.

These are just a few of my least favourite things.

Disagree with me?  Fine.  Just keep it respectful.

Want to add your own?  Go right ahead.

Have a safe, productive and hopeful 2014.



MAC said...

Impressive post, extremely thought provoking list. You go gurl... I mean guy... OOOPS!

I hope your new year is off to a fabulous start!


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty much down with all of these. Try to get your brain around this one: There's a new "reality" show about Trans girls on E! starting on the 19th called Brave New Girls. I am hoping against hope that it won't be "sensational" and/or exploitative.

I don't think "GURL" is ever going to go away.

Along with fatshaming, i'd like to see SlutShaming disappear. It's just sex, people!

Damien said...

MAC - thank you dear - Happy New Year to you :)

KEV - I think SlutShaming is pretty ridiculous considering its the whole throwing stones in glass houses etc