Sunday, 2 March 2014

2 Profile.... Adult Entertainer ..... Armond Rizzo.......

It's back !!!  The 2 Cents Worth Profile!!!

I have some interesting and wonderful personalities that will be featured on the blog over the coming weeks.  So let's get started with the very sweet and handsome Mr Armond Rizzo - Adult Entertainer.

This one was a joy for me.

I have had the pleasure of having a few chats with Armond on twitter and he is part of that crop of Adult Actors who readily and enthusiastically engage with their fans.  I have found him to be sweet, very engaging and - you knew I was gonna say it - incredibly sexy.  Oh those eyes :)

I would LOVE a long dinner, a few cocktails, and then an overnight of snuggling (no naughtiness - staying respectful here) with this very attractive young man.

I wish him well in both life and in his career.

Please enjoy !



(2CW)   For the benefit of our 2CWDU readers, please introduce yourself and your profession.

My name is Armond Rizzo I am 23 years old and I am an adult entertainer, model and dancer. I live in San Diego.

(2CW)  How did you get into the industry?

My great friend Shane Frost got me in the industry.  We met in Chicago at a club and we started chatting and told him I was interested in the industry and if he could help me out. He said yeah I can def help you out and well its history from there lol.

 (2CW)  Are you enjoying yourself?

Of course I am.  What job can you say that allows you to travel and get fucked by the hottest men in the world, and get to meet awesome people everywhere. I am def having the greatest time of my life!

(2CW)  What are some of the positive experiences in the industry?

One of them would be exposure and getting yourself out there.

(2CW)  What are some of the negatives in the industry?

Wow - well one of the negatives is trying to find a life partner, not many people are ok with our job fields.

(2CW)  Do you experience attempts by people to stereotype you / be overly familiar or inappropriately intimate with you at venues?

Yeah all the time - probably all of the above lol I def get from people that they think anyone can sleep with me and that I am easy to get with. Another would be that I have people walk up to in the middle of the day talking about my movies in public to me so it gets a little weird. 

(2CW)  Are you open to friends and/or family about your work?

Some friends and family members yes but not completely everyone. I don't believe everyone in my family should know everything that I do!

 (2CW)  Do you also escort?

I used to but now I don't. Personal reasons I feel that it's not for me!

 (2CW)  Can you remember when you became sexually aware and how that came about?

Wow - I used to be horny at a very, very young age.  Ive always been a horny guy that loves to have sex lol

(2CW)  When did you lose your virginity and how?

I was 18 years old and I lost it from a mentor of mine.  He was hung with a 12 inch dick and he was tempting me by showing me images of his dick till after my 18th birthday he took me out and well I got it lol

(2CW)  When (if) did you come out to your family and what was the experience like?

I came out to my older brother before I came out to my mother.  I was 22 when I came out to my brother and 23 when I came out to my mother. The feeling is like a weight being lifted off your shoulders, you feel free and lifted. I spent nights without sleep and when I came out to my mother I was able to sleep like a baby. I am very blessed and happy that all of my family supports and loves me as who I am. Trusts me it is not easy when you have a very strict Catholic family lol but very accepting.

(2CW)   Are you single? In a relationship?

I am sadly single :-( (See my note below)

(2CW)  If single, is it hard to date due to your profession?

Yeah it's very hard.  Not many people are ok with it and people are very judging about it so yeah this profession can ruin this.

(2CW)  There is a perception that when Adult Actors are together that it is basically a sexual free for all.  How do you interact with each other?  Is it open season?  Bitchy?  Polite and Professional?  Is there a sense of community?  Give us some insights...

Depending on the location and what is going on it is, but honestly we work so much in sex that after a while its good to just sit there and talk about these issues that we deal with, so sometimes is def feels a community.  I mean who better understands the life of adult entertainers than other models.  And it is not always happy fairy tales but when your working with the same models under one roof for a period more than 3 days people do start getting on each other's nerves and, well, family-like drama tends to start and diva moments come out and yes it becomes a very bitchy atmosphere lol but it's rare and mostly is all great seeing friends again and catching up.


(2CW)  Do you have one particularly memorable scene/experience you are willing to share?

There was a moment when we were on set filming a Fetish Force scene with Draven Torres, Tony Buff and Leo Forte, I was tied up to a post and Draven was edging me and I thought I was going to shoot my load and he had his mouth on my dick and I said I am going to cum and all that came out was piss, it was so funny yet so embarrassing. Draven was so sweet that he said you're lucky it's me because one of his favorite fetishes is piss play so that was a bonus to him lol.  Awesome memory with great friends on set.

(2CW)  Do you have one particularly HORRIBLE scene/experience you are willing to share? (No names)

All my scenes have been great.  Maybe I'm the usual newby that is very new in the industry and don't know how the filming works lol - knowing angles and lighting - but over all nothing horrible.

(2CW)  Now the 2 Cents Worth Down Under quickies

Favourite Drink....

Sweet tea with lemon

Favourite Food...

Buffalo cheese fries

Favourite style of music/artist...

A little of everything, favorite artist would have to be Jennifer Lopez love , she is a great Latin role model
Favourite movie/actor...

Harry Potter series.

 Day or night person...

Night person

Fave sexual activity...

Getting fucked - and with a tushy like that, I can see the attraction.  Very nice indeed Mr Rizzo

Do you have a particular type of man you are attracted to...?

Love older White or Latin built man
 (Um how do you feel about financially modest but stable cuddly Aussie bloggers w no gag reflex and who love to top / rim / snuggle / wine and dine / romance you et al LOL)
 Fave way to spend a lazy Sunday morning...

In bed being a fat ass and watching netflix

Thank you Armond so much for being a part of my small corner of the blogverse.
Many blessings of health, hope and happiness to you in life and in your career.  Take care!

I hope all my 2 Centers enjoyed this.   

And how can THIS CUTE GUY BE SINGLE!!  Cmon nice, together, single men get on Twitter and say Hi to him!!  :)



Queer Heaven said...

Wonderful and very interesting post. Thanks!

Bildschon said...

Awesome interview and incredible blog. Had to feature this on Schone Seelen Keep up the good work!

Damien said...

Bildschon - that's fine. And you did an awesome job giving me kudos. Next time tho , please ask first:-). Happy for articles to be reprinted elsewhere w appropriate link back. But permission first. PS love your blog. Will be reading more of it soon.

Damien said...

QH - glad you enjoyed it. He's an interesting young man.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. hope to meet Armond in person..

Anonymous said...

Rizzo has been my fave film bottom since I first saw him. He clearly loves his work. Great interview. (But you might wanna change your type color..his answers were very hard to see without highlighting them to make them white type.)

Anonymous said...

I was hoping for him to be asked what hispanic background he is from, seems that answer I can't find anywhere, he may have been born here, but I know he also goes by Joey Rodriguez, would have been nice also to hear him answer the question. How tall are you? lol