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2 Profile ..... Christian Mitchell .... Adult Entertainer ...

Our look into the world of Adult Entertainment continues (And I hope you are enjoying it - I'm finding it fascinating myself).........

Today we have the handsome Christian Mitchell......

I chat with Christian often on Twitter often and - again - find him to be engaging, informed, smart, funny and yes, sexy as all get out.... I bet him and his husbear Ed are a fantastic snuggle-wich....

Enjoy !


(Q)  For the benefit of our 2CWDU readers, please introduce yourself and your profession.

I'm Christian Mitchell, a gay porn model/actor


(Q) How did you get into the industry?

I'd previously done BDSM print modeling work several years ago, but never did any porn movies.  I'd always wanted to do them, though.  Years went by and I finally got my body to a point where I was comfortable showing it off.    Finally, one night I decided I needed to take the plunge before I got too old. So I took some halfway decent selfies and submitted them to Hot House.  I had some technical difficulties while submitting my online application, and I thought I'd pretty much blown it.    But, about three days later I got an email back from Director Christian Owen asking if I was interested in shooting a Club Inferno scene.

(Q) Are you enjoying yourself?

I'm having the time of my life.  

(Q) What are some of the positive experiences in the industry?

I've had the privilege of working with some of the most creative and talented people anywhere.  They've also been some of the nicest and friendliest people. 

(Q) What are some of the negatives in the industry?

You do have to have tough skin to be in this business.  You are putting yourself out there, literally naked for the world to see.  People can be quick to make flippant comments as if they were experts. You have to be able to not only deal with that, but also not let all the attention go to your head.   

(Q) Do you experience attempts by people to stereotype you / be overly familiar or inappropriately intimate with you at venues?

Again, this type of thing comes with being in the business.  I'm just thrilled to be recognized as a porn actor. Period.  I've not had anything happen where anyone has been inappropriate.  

(Q) Are you open to friends and/or family about your work?

Yes.  My mother and sister knows.  Of course my husband also knows.  My boss at my day job is gay and he knows too.

(Q) Do you also escort?

No.    But all inquiries will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

(Q) Can you remember when you became sexually aware and how that came about?

I was probably about ten.  Later on, when I started having wet dreams and realized that were always about being with men, I knew I was gay.

(Q) When did you lose your virginity and how?

I lost my virginity my freshman year in college at age 18, first with a girl and then a few months later with a guy. That first gay sexual experience was the beginning of a 13 year relationship.

(Q) When (if) did you come out to your family and what was the experience like?

My mother and sister already figured out I was gay by the time I was ready to come out to them.  It was a cathartic, but ultimately positive experience.  Actually it was a big relief to all of us once it was over.

(Q)  Are you single? In a relationship?

I am married to a wonderful man.

(Q) If single, is it hard to date due to your profession?
If in a relationship, how do you manage the dynamics of your profession with your partner?

I sat down with my husband and told him my intention to work in porn. He already knew me well enough, so he wasn't surprised.  We both know that there is a difference between the sexual acts I perform on set, which is work. ...and the sex and intimacy we enjoy together, which is really making love.  In general he finds my adventures in porn quite amusing.

(Q) There is a perception that when Adult Actors are together that it is basically a sexual free for all.
How do you interact with each other?  Is it open season?  Bitchy?  Polite and Professional?  Is there a sense of community?  Give us some insights...

I've made some wonderful friendships with several of my peers in the business. All the other porn actors I've met have been incredibly friendly and welcoming.  

(Q) Do you have one particularly memorable scene/experience you are willing to share?

My recent Pantheon Productions scene with Steve "Titpig" Hurley really stands out.  He was the most affectionate and loving scene partner I've had so far.  He is a true Icon in the gay porn world and I'm thrilled I got to work with him.  I hope to do it again soon.

(Q) Do you have one particularly HORRIBLE scene/experience you are willing to share? (No names)

Without boring you with the details, I'll just say that I've learned to avoid working with  guys who are Gay4Pay, either on set, or a part of the production team. 
(Q) What is your stance on bareback scenes/porn?
I don't do bareback scenes.  Safe sex (condom/glove) only.  I've dodged way too many bullets in life already.  Plus I have a husband to protect also.

(Q) Truvada is the issue de jour.  Your take?

I currently don't use Truvada, but I do always use condoms.  And when or if I ever use PrEP, I will likely continue to use condoms.

(Q) Now the 2 Cents Worth Down Under quickies

Favourite Drink....

Favourite Food... 

Favourite style of music/artist...  
Dance music. Particularly progressive house vocal remixes. The really gay kind.

Favourite movie/actor...  
Movie: Casino

Day or night person...
I'm open 24 hours!

Fave sexual activity...
It depends on the situation but I'm a big time nipple and pec pig!

Do you have a particular type of man you are attracted to...?

I'm drawn to men who have a certain masculine "edge" about them, which could be anything ....from muscles, to a short flattop, to amazing eyes.  

Fave way to spend a lazy Sunday morning...

Waking up next to my beautiful husband and snuggling until we both get hungry and go eat breakfast.
Is there anything else you would like to share with our 2 Center’s?

Everyone has something about them that's sexy.  Find out what it is...and work it like it's never been worked before.
Thanks to Christian Mitchell for being my profile this week.  I told you he's a sweetie!  And I can't wait to meet him in person one day..... BEAR HUG!!
Take care all


MAC said...

Well done. This is the best yet. Christian seems very sweet, smart, articulate... and sexy as hell!

Damien said...

HE is all of those and more MAC