Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Her Excellency Quentin Bryce... Australia's First Female Governor-General....

The Governor-General of Australia is the Queens representative.  The position is filled for a 5 year term and our current Governor-General - Her Excellency Mrs Quentin Bryce - the first Female Governor-General of Australia - completes her extended term today.

Her Excellency is probably the most popular GG we have had in many decades.  The reason - she is the most down to earth GG we have had for many decades.  Controversy free.  Regal.  Non-partisan.  Classy.  People focussed.
Her Excellency did a lot of good during her term and I for one wish she could remain for another.

Thank you for you service Ma'am.  You have done all Australians very proud.  From your support of our Indigenous population to the simplest thing as giving blood and leading the community by example, you have been a true leader for the people.

Here are some images of our outgoing Governor-General.

Getting a 'cheeky' ceremonial reception in New Zealand.

What a Lady.


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