Saturday, 31 May 2014

About Me.....

There are a few new people here - and I haven't done this for a while - so here's an introduction from me .....
  • My name is Damien
  • I am 42
  • I live with Asthma and Clinical Depression
  • I am in a complicated relationship with "Bubb"
  • We have been together for 12 years
  • I am a convert to Judaism.  A "New Jew".  Also known as a "Jew By Choice"
  • I have a very traditional set of values.
  • I work in Administration.  I am an experienced Administrator and Personal Assistant.
  • I like porn.  
  • I like wine.
  • I like food.
  • My first career was as a ballet dancer. I had to give it up due to injury.
  • I have lived in Australia, New Zealand, and, the USA.
  • My favourite city in the USA is Chicago.
  • My favourite city in Australia is Melbourne.
  • My favourite city in New Zealand is none.  NZ has a LONG way to go.
  • I do not understand racism in America.  I have tried to understand it, but many will not have the conversation with me.
  • I have written a Star Trek novel - unpublished - but trying to get it published.
  • I can compose neo-classical symphonic music - again - unpublished.
  • I am a HUGE Star Trek nerd.  Wanna know how a warp core works?
  • My fave Trek captain is Kathryn Janeway - I luvs me some Kate Mulgrew.
  • My fave music is Bach, anything by Cecilia Bartoli, Linkin Park, Barbra Streisand, Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenoweth, Handel, Tchaikovsky, Movie Soundtracks, Musical Soundtracks, Rammstein, Celine Dion.
  • I like my Steak well done - no pinkness, no blood.
  • My fave ice cream is Ben n Jerry's "Chunky Monkey"
  • I prefer red wine.
  • I refer to my Depression as "The Monster". 
  • The Monster is responsible for mood swings and aggression.
  • I can come across as needy, inconsistent, and, "all over the place".  And, I am.  It's part of The Monster.
  • I am loyal, honest, and make a good friend.

Me at 20

Me at 30

Me at 42

Shalom and welcome to 2 Cents Worth Down Under.



MAC said...

I'm not new to your blog, but it's always nice to be reintroduced to an old friend. Have a great weekend! XOXO

Queer Heaven said...

I've been reading you blog for what seems forever.
And like MAC said,,, it is always great to get reacquainted.

Anonymous said...

Hi Damien,

I have been reading and following your Blog for a couple of years.

Thanks for re-sharing information on yourself. I enjoy following Blogs where they are willing to share part of themselves with their readers. I'm sure it is hard to draw the line with how much to share, but I feel that those Bloggers who do have a much better following.

I luv following Mac's so I can see how well Jr. is doing. Ray from Rays Cowboy also to see how he and Sadie Mae are doing, Ron from Retired in Deleware (share a lot) and etc, etc, etc.

I'll go to any of the Blogs where I fell I have a connection to them before just looking at "eye candy" Blogs.

All the best to you Damien and have a good June!

Thanks again,
In Texas

Anonymous said...

Hi Damien,

I love ballet and opera ( although I'm on a renaissance Lute kick at the moment). I have had the good fortune of hearing some of the great divas of our (my) time.

Love your blog as it is a surprise every day. It keeps me wanting more.