Sunday, 11 May 2014

Most Gay Men Truly Are Superficial...

......if I make a sweeping generalisation based on the stats of the posts on my blog.

The interaction on my "hot man posts" are up to 5 times that of my ballet, music, 'other', posts.......

So are we truly that facile?  That obvious? Shallower than a puddle in a heat wave?

Are most of us really that accurate to the stereotype?  Pec chasing, butt chasing, man chasing man ho's?

Don't get me wrong now......... I do like a good pair of pecs and a pretty face........ but I also like other things in life, indeed at a higher percentage, than man flesh.

**I patiently await the chorus of gay gasps in response to that last thought**

When I read other blogs that are not explicitly for man flesh, I am pleasantly surprised by the breadth of posts out there.  Politics.  Gay News.  Personal goals.  Personal insights.  Comics and geek-ology.  Dining.  Arts etc.  It really is, for me a refreshing change to penises and cumshots................. really................

So what would happen on those "non-manflesh blogs" if the Furry Fridays, Temptation Tuesdays, Groovy Guy, Bootylicious etc posts ceased and there were only all the "other" posts?  Would readers desert the blog?  Would the experiment confirm or blast apart the stereotype?

From now, until the end of June I will not be posting any gratuitous posts of manflesh.  Clothed male ballet dancers are about as close as it is going to get.

Uncle George is clearly interested in this.  Let's see how many of my readers stick around.

Shalom all.

Hope you are all good.



MAC said...

The opposite holds true for my blog. I get equal amount of comments on my "Yummy" posts as I do my personal posts. Many times I receive more comments when I post about my family or interests... the Photo of the Day project is a perfect example.

I post delicious men on my blog because it makes me happy. I began my blog to provide myself a positive outlet for myself and others, "your daily sweet escape" if you will. Is it superficial to want to inject a little JOY into the world?

I've been a fan and a supporter of your blog for years. All I can say about today's post is... OUCH!


Damien said...

Oh no MAC - I am not saying you are superficial - nor am I saying its a bad thing - I am challenging the stereotype.

I certainly didnt expect that reaction from you and if I have offended, i truly apologise. I am and will continue to be a big fan of yours.

Patrick said...

I typically visit four or five blogs every day (including yours). I don't go looking for "manflesh" since its everywhere and easy to find. I look for art, education and entertainment. You have never disappointed and I look forward to the month to come. I am not a frequent commenter anywhere, and have a few times commented here. I just prefer to enjoy quietly.

Thanks, Damien, and Bravo!


Queer Heaven said...

It is not the man bits that bring me to your blog. It is your honesty and your take on life and all its pleasures and downfalls that have kept me coming back all this time.

MAC said...

Your post was perplexing to me, my friend. Your blog's popularity was built on the "hot man posts". You have even had exclusive interviews with adult movie stars... which I've enjoyed. At one time you even had a blog that was dedicated to explicit "hot man posts". Now you're upset because your readers comment on the pics? It's just like if your Gif Girl, Lucy, turned on her fans because she was tired of them laughing at her show.

You mentioned gay blogs that focus on other issues besides "hot man posts". I follow many of those blogs as well. What I admire about their sites is they're ability to tackle tough topics in a way that informs and challenges the reader.

I understand you wanted to start a conversation. But there's a way to do that without being hurtful or condescending. It's easy to anger and insult people with your words. It's not so easy to challenge and inspire people with your words.

Thanks for hearing me out!