Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sour Sunday............

Mood = Sour.

Reason = life is hard.

Expecting = nothing.

Activity = venting.

There is a great book in Judaism called "Why Bad Things Happen To Good People."

My question is............ why do good things seem to happen to so many bad people???

I'm an observant progressive Jew.  I believe.  I have faith.  I know the trials in my life are lessons to learn from etc etc etc.

But................. give me a break for 5 minutes please.  And whilst you're at it, how about taking all those nasty people who seem to have far more than I down a few notches.  Balance up the cosmos scales if you don't mind.

I am not perfect.

Any reader who spends three minutes at my blog will know that.

But I see it everywhere.  At work.  In the news.  In the community.  In politics.  In business.  All these people who I can charitably call shitheads are so far ahead of me.  Owning a home.  Earn more money than I do.  Always get the promotion.  How??

I'm not even asking for much AND I am doing my best to EARN it.

And yet of poop. 

I dont understand.

I resent it.

And I dont have to shut up about it.

Vent over.

Thank you for listening / reading.



Queer Heaven said...

The answer to your all too true question is....KARMA

Jimmy said...

Tell us what you really think! Let it out!!

Anonymous said...

God sends rain on both good and bad.

The bad gain success via evil deeds.

Be satisfied with what you have and where you are a nd know that you've reached that point with honest and honest decisions.