Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bowel Cancer Awareness Month ..... Get Checked...

Bowel and Prostate Cancer are the 2 most common cancers in Men.
When detected early, there is a 90% cure rate.

For prostate issues, if you are 40 or over, go see your GP and get a prostate exam.  Early detection is vital.

If there is a history in the family of prostate or bowel/rectal issues, this increases the chances.

For Bowel Cancer concerns the following chart spells it out....

We take care of ourselves by having HIV tests and getting sexual health screens, but it's important to look beyond the "obvious issues" of male health, especially as we age.

The surgeon who performed my colonoscopy said that my polyps had probably been there for years.  Now whilst he is certain that they are benign, the issue is I had a potentially serious health risk that wasn't being investigated.  Whilst the colonoscopy (and the prep) weren't the most comfortable experiences, I am glad I went through with it and now have some peace of mind.

Take care of yourselves.




Jimmy said...

I have legitimate trust issues with doctors. Always remember that just because they have a Dr before their name doesn't mean they graduated at the top of their class or went yo a premier medical school. Also, everyone is entitled to a second or even a third opinion about a life changing procedure.

Damien said...

Very good point grouchy.

I am a FIRM believer in a second opinion.