Saturday, 22 November 2014

Senior Saturday ... Mr Derek Jacobi ....

So Hot Saturday is on hiatus as we feature our LGBT Senior Citizens, as they rightly deserve.

PLEASE email me your choices for Senior LGBT members to be profiled to
I want to hear who YOU admire and respect.

Today it is theatre, tv, and movie artiste Mr Derek Jacobi.  I love this man.  Interestingly in all the roles I've seen him in, it was in Underworld : Evolution that I thought he brought his brilliance to the fore.  He is almost regal as the original immortal - Alexander Corvinus. 

Clip is at the end.

For his full acting profile go to his IMDB profile HERE....

PS How powerful is the portrait above? 

The stance.  The timbre of his voice.  The nuanced delivery.  Oy vey.  Virtuosic.


Phil said...

The Suicide on Broadway 1980 - still remember it. Fabulous.

And I Claudius - ABC TV 1980's.

Damien said...

Phil - I did love in I Claudius

Biki Honko said...

George Takei. When he finally burst out of the public closet he never pulled any punches and wasnt afraid to engage the enemy. Or racism, in talking about the US locking up Japanese citizens during WW2, he opened up a dialog that has long been needed.