Monday, 1 December 2014

Man Monday ... Marty... Model... Swimmer ...

Marty is a Sydney based Model and aspiring professional swimmer.

Some of you follow Aussielicious - blog of the wonderful Brenton - as shown below :)

Well, you may recognise Marty from the dual Tribal shoot he did with another Sydney local called Greg.   Here's the pic.......... Marty is the one being held....


And a cheeky behind the scenes shot, Marty is on the right :)

I am a friend of Marty on Facebook and he seems to be able to handle my "unique" personality rather well, and he seems to be a sincerely genuine and accepting guy.  He truly bunks the stereotype that hot guys are all rude and arrogant. 

Marty is warm and funny and very ambitious with a real sense of purpose in life.  I find him quite inspiring to be honest.  And no, I am not saying that because he is hot.  I am saying it, because it is simply what I have learned to be the honest truth of an honest fellow.



Mark in DE said...

Very handsome dude!

Brenton said...

He's a total sweetheart. Really nice guy.

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