Saturday, 27 December 2014

So Hot Saturday 2.... Guybone Media....

So there's a relative new but totally "fresh" site for us to ogle called GuyBone Media.

I'm a big fan of this site.  The guys are all what I could see on the street any day of the week.
Don't get me wrong I LOVE me some big, beefy, perfect porn stars/actors like those used at Titan and Hot House, but I am a big fan of the "guy next door". 

There will be an interview re behind the site coming soon, but in the meantime go check it out.  It's refreshing and real sex by real guys.  I love it.


PS Of course I wasn't going to post without some pics :)

Click on the BIG pic in the sidebar (I didn't choose the setting) and you can get taken to their site!


Queer Heaven said...

Thank you Mr. Damien! you are right this is a really good site.

Damien said...

Enjoy QH!