Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Wow Wednesday ... Dave Franco ...

If could have a weekend of debauchery with any stars I could choose to, it would be Dave Franco and Zac Quinto.

Here is Mr Franco Jnr in his glory.  Oh my word indeed.



Good G-d  he is hot........ I wonder if he swings like his bro?


Mike in Asheville said...

Dave is so adorable! Check out his "Funny or Die" videos, especially "Go Fuck Yourself". He also has a penis size challenge.

Damien said...

Mike, these were fantastic:)

Mark Greene said...

the last picture : Is that real ? If so DAMN ! I still don't understand the Franco brothers. This whole sexual ambiguity in Hollywood is becoming annoying. If celebs didn't use the gay, bi or question mark as a marketing tool to get more fans I would be more cool. But I'm not really impressed with their antics. I will say however, If that is really his dick THAT is quite impressive !!

The Male Casting Couch

Damien said...

No mark its a prosthetic for the movie Bad Neighbours.