Thursday, 1 January 2015

I Love Doing This Blog....

I really do.

I love being able to put myself and my interests out there.

I love taking you all on the roller coaster journey of my Depression.  It's good for me, and I am helping others understand what life is like with mental illness.

I love Wonder Woman.  My first super-hero and my first Lady crush.  I still hope I will grow up to be her lol.

I love Ballet.  My first career.  And I love sharing it with you and I have been pleasantly surprised at how popular the ballet posts are!  Yay for you guys!

I love my divas.  Babs.  Celine.  Shirley.  Susan.  And I love their music.  Some of you .... not so much :)  That's ok.  Just press stop and move onto the next post :))

I love men.  Their shape.  Their bodies.  Their "bits".  And I love the variety of men that I can present here because you all have such broad tastes, as do I.

I love porn.  And please, remember that this is an adult blog.  If that sort of thing offends, move onto the next post.  But it WILL be posted from time to time.

I love blogs and bloggers.  Brenton.  Viktor.  Scott.  Soz.  Dwight.  MAC.  Marcharshbager.  BosGuy.  Jasun Mark.  Tony et al.  I love the variety of the blogs and the content presented there.  I love the discussions AND the discourse.  I love engaging with and learning from others and you all teach me something every day.  Thank you so much!

I love the comments.  BUT I WANT MORE!  I will never not welcome a comment.  Even if it is one where you challenge me on my views or something I have reposted.  Through disagreement is where the most wonderful surprises can be found.  BUT COMMENT MORE LOL.  I love hearing from you all.

Mr Sad isn't going anywhere.  And I am at peace with that.  Though I must admit I feel a sense of sympathy for Mr Sad.  I once was that bitter and jaded person who lashed out at others simply because it made my misery seem less.  Mr Sad, you are always welcome here. 


Here's to another year on 2 Cents Worth Down Under and I hope you all continue to join me on it and tell your friends :)

Much love and many blessings of hope, health and happiness all.

Your Wonder-Jew from Oz



AAAAAAAAAAAND the Wonder Herself :)


Ben Ripley said...

I only stumbled upon this blog very recently, but I am glad I did.
Keep up the good work.

Damien said...

Thank you Ben. Most kind and WELCOME! We love a new 2 Center here :)

Happy New Year mate.

Princess said...

Happy New Year Darling...
I don't always comment but I do look forward to reading you. I've been without a computer for half the year so didn't get about as much as I hoped to.
I look forward to sharing another year in the blogosphere with all you wonderful folk in 2015.
You do look well darling XXX

Damien said...

Happy New Year Princess :)

Sorry to hear about the computer. I look forward to another year in the blogosphere with you as well.


Jimmy said...

I grown quite fond of this blog, and the blogger.

Mark in DE said...

I've enjoyed getting to know you a bit this year. I also had a crush on Wonder Woman when I was a kid. :-)

Happy new year, Damien!!

Damien said...

grouchy - ohhhhhhh than you Sir. Blessings

Mark - You too! Thanks for visiting :)

Hot guys said...

Love your taste in men. :)
So, keep it up man.
Also, Happy New Year!!! ^_^

Damien said...

Thank you FS :)

Victor said...

I love checking in regularly. Keep it up Damien.

Damien said...

Thank Victor and Happy New Year Sir.

Scotty said...

No one can compare to the best and original WW!

Damien said...

Scotty - I KNOW!!