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 Hi Everyone.

Well it’s been a long time since I’ve done a profile (especially one THIS big) and I am SO pleased to be doing one on GuyBone Media today. For those of you who don’t know….see that HUGE pic of naked men doing naughty things in the RH sidebar, that is GuyBone.

The thing that I really enjoy about GuyBone is that it uses guys who I can see on the
street. Real guys. Guys with flaws and a realness of their bodies and looks. Which is
something I find hot. I love flaws, it adds not just character, but many times that “thing”
that can set one man apart from others. (Don’t get me wrong….I love my Titan Media and
always will, but GuyBone is a very different thing and I think it’s a good thing. Titan +
GuyBone = Happy Damo). But enough of me. Here’s the interview)

(2CW) Firstly, thank you very much for taking the time to do this for 2CWDU.

(McGinger) Our pleasure! Really! Thank you so much for wanting to interview GuyBone! I
speak for the models and creative team; we’re very flattered.

(2CW) So…..What was the genesis of GuyBone? How did this intriguing site come about?

(McGinger) It all happened sort of by accident, actually. I’d had a hookup with this hot guy
who wanted to be filmed. As an aspiring amateur filmmaker, I had some equipment and a
voyeuristic intent. So, I shot him jerking off in a solo scene, basically. I fluffed him when
the camera wasn’t rolling. It turned out pretty hot. Hotter than I’d expected. And I was
reluctantly addicted. I decided to try it a couple more times, just filming, not hooking up.
I totally expected it to be difficult to find willing models, but that was surprisingly the
easiest part of an amateur porn startup. The creative team fell into place, everyone with
their own strengths and contributions, and the site snowballed from there. That first guy,
the hookup who wanted to be filmed, became our first official model on GuyBone and his
solo one of our first scenes.

(2CW) Did you have any doubts about the site and the style of what it would represent?

(McGinger) Oh, for sure. We still do, to an extent. Our creative team is constantly trying
to improve upon the site, whether that’s design, direction, or tech. It’s no cake walk
launching a porn site from the ground up. I think our biggest challenge in the beginning
was getting the broad range of guys we wanted. Our idea was to have something for
everyone, from twinks to bears and all those types in between. But it was hard to find a
lot of bears. We were labeled a twink site pretty early on and strived to prove we were
much more than just a niche site. We want to be the anti-niche site. And our “real guys
next door having no gimmicks sex on camera” concept has really seemed to please a lot of
guys. By that, I mean both customers AND models.

(2CW) Tell us about the recruitment process. Once you make contact / have someone
make contact with you, what is the process of making sure they are right for GuyBone and
how long can that process take?

(McGinger) Honestly, I’ve had the most success recruiting guys on Grindr. The hookup app.
I give them my spiel and if they’re not interested, I move along. But if they are
interested, I go further into detail and ask for all the appropriate pictures a director
would want to see when casting models in porn. I usually know from those pictures if
they’re GuyBone guy material. And I can’t put my finger exactly on what it is they need to
have, but I know it when I see it. Sometimes it’s a boy next door face. Other times it’s the
perfectly hairy body. And then it might be a certain part of their body or a feature that
makes them marketable. And no, I’m not just talking about their dicks. I’ve hired many
more guys based on feet, armpits, smiles, and overall nice guy personality than I have
from shape and size of cock. We also have guys apply to the site directly, or get referred
by friends who have modeled for us. And I’d say the process is usually pretty quick with
new faces. We want to get them on the site, introduce them to the audience (and other
models) and see what kind of reaction people have to them. See if they like them as much
as I think they would.

(2CW) Once you have decided they are right for the site, do you do any prep work with
them? Photos? Camera work?

(McGinger) If a model has previous on camera experience with another site / studio, we
skip the solo audition process and get them into action scenes with costars immediately.
They’ve already proven they can do the job and I can see their online resume. For total
amateur guys, the ones who have never been on camera before, we start them with a solo
audition. Just me, them, the camera. They jerk for a bit, edge, show they can stay hard
with someone watching. If they succeed and then cum at the end, we graduate them to
action scenes. We do it this way to avoid any awkward first scenes. I don’t want to waste
anyone’s time, and having an awkward first scene with a costar would waste all of our
time. Better to get those pre-game jitters out of the way with just me on the clock. They
also get their profile pics taken for the site at this time. Overall, the solo audition is a
nice way for the new guys to relax in front of the camera and me. Then when they return
for action scenes, having me filming is no big deal because they already know me.

(2CW) Have you had anyone suddenly freak out on set and realise that it isn’t for them?

(McGinger) No, but I wish that some guys would have that realization on set before any of
their content has been published on the site. The internet is forever. No takebacks.
Bottom line, this is an impulse driven industry. Lots of guys make heat of the moment
decisions that could haunt them later, depending on what career they want, education,
relationships, etc. Be it for a quick buck or the crazy notion of instant fame, some guys
say yes and film a solo audition or an action scene or two and then regret it for whatever
reason and by then it’s too late. It would be nice if everyone could just have that freak
out on set and leave before the ink is dry.

(2CW) How long does a shoot take usually take?

(McGinger) It varies. Because we go for the fly on the wall approach, our shoots are pretty
much filmed in real time and then edited down to the 20-30 minute scene length. I’ve had
shoots that only last the 20 minutes (which was incredible for all of us; get in, get out, go
home) and I’ve had the opposite where shoots last 3-4 hours and everyone is exhausted
after. And we never know which way it’s going to go until we’re in the middle of it. On
average, I’d say 1-2 hours for an action scene, less for a solo.

(2CW) What is your approach to directing a scene?

(McGinger) I like that raw, sometimes out of focus, voyeur in the corner with a camera
feel. I don’t like giving the guys too much direction beyond “move your arm, it’s blocking
the light” or “how about we try this position because it looks hot on camera” because I
live for that authentic hookup vibe we seem to be really successful at capturing. There is
no acting (other than a couple scenes we played around with just for fun), there is no
interview with models before the sex starts, there is no music, and the majority of the
time you will not recognize the guys having sex. When we say real amateur guys next door,
we mean it. These are your neighbors, your classmates, your friends and exes. They’re
approachable, attractive, amateur guys. And I try my damnedest to stay out of their way
when filming a scene. You watch it and feel like you just walked into the bedroom of the
two guys you’d been cruising at the bar all night. They don’t seem to know you’re there,
or they don’t care. They are having hot, real sex and you get to kick back and enjoy the


(2CW) What happens if a scene “breaks down” during shooting and the models are not
feeling it? Does it happen?

(McGinger) Not often, thankfully. But it has. We like to give our guys choice of costars.
Helps create that real on screen chemistry if they actually want to be fucking each other.
We don’t force any pairings because that never ends well. Guys have types. They like what
they like. And we’d much rather them film with the guys that get their dicks hard.
Because if they’re into it, you’re going to be into it when you watch. But yeah, every once
in awhile we have guys who thought they’d be into each other based on pics or other
scenes they filmed. Then they meet and the sparks just aren’t there. Sometimes they put
on a brave face and save the scene, other times they cancel the shoot when they can’t
keep it up.

(2CW) On the flip side, have you ever had a scene have such chemistry that you’ve had to
throw the proverbial “bucket of ice water” on them?

(McGinger) Yes, definitely. But I would never stop that chemistry. I’d just let them keep
fucking and film it. Those are usually the scenes that end up with extra footage. We
charge the same price for them but call them More Fuck For Your Buck. It’s a treat getting
to watch those guys who just couldn’t get enough of each other. My best example is one of
the shoots that only took 20 minutes to film. The guys had such intense chemistry, they
just went for it and I never stopped rolling until after they came. It was a full 20 minute
take of them sucking, fucking and shooting their loads with no stopping because they just
got lost in each other. I wish all scenes happened like that.

(2CW) Have you ever had a scene “technically” end but the models want to continue?

(McGinger) I think they’re all pretty well spent after a shoot. They might get horny an
hour later and want to fuck around again, but once they cum on camera, they’re usually
done. I have had plenty of instances where their chemistry was so hot, they exchanged
contact info and had off camera hookups later on. So that kind of keeps the scene going,
for them.

(2CW) Have you shot a scene, and then a few days later ever had a model call you and say
“No way. I changed my mind. Don’t show it”. If yes, what are some of the reasons for
that and do you honour them?

(McGinger) Yes. Only a handful. And they all have their own reasons, mostly that they
didn’t think it through to begin with. Porn is definitely not for everyone. If the content
we filmed hasn’t already been published, we are understanding and willing to
compromise. But once it’s out there, there’s no real point in removing it from our site.
Customers have bought it, people have torrented it, stuff ends up on tube sites, we
produce DVDs, there are reviews and blogs and the list goes on. We can’t collect all of
that content back from people who have it, or have seen it. We can’t undo your decision
at that point. That’s why we really urge guys to think long and hard before committing.

(2CW) Let’s talk the professional side of adult films. What do models have to do before
shooting can even begin? Admin? Tax? All the things viewers wouldn’t think of.

(McGinger) You’d be surprised, maybe. It’s pretty simple. We just require valid photo ID
proving they are over the age of 18 and a legal citizen who can work. There are forms and
contracts to be signed, of course, but as far as what a guy needs to bring to the table, just
that ID. Taxes happen after filming. The guys get taxed as contract workers at the end of
the year.

(2CW) GuyBone does both condom and bareback shoots. Now, you don’t have to answer
this one, especially as I support whatever informed CHOICE anyone makes, but can you let
us into the the process of how decisions are made and who inputs please?

(McGinger) Certainly. As with choice of costar, we give our models choice of position (if
you are a strict top, we never force you to bottom; we want you to perform in the position
you’re most comfortable and talented in) and choice of condom or bareback sex. Models
are tested, informed of costars’ status, and never pressured to film one way or the other.
We would never want to put any of our guys in harms way.

(2CW) Have you had any negative feedback for doing bareback scenes?

(McGinger) Less and less as our site grows, but in the beginning we got a bit of flack.
Never from customers, bareback is our biggest seller. Rather from review sites, talent
agencies, other models, etc. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on the topic of
bareback sex, but at the end of the discussion, it really only involves the guys having the
bareback sex. If they know each others’ status, are educated about the risks, and make
adult decisions about it, we don’t think it should matter to anyone else. We were very
scared to open the door to filming bareback. But we knew it was something a significant
amount of guys are into and that customers enjoy watching it. So we had to consider it.
We are so happy we did because it’s produced some of the hottest content on GuyBone.


(2CW) What’s been the reception of GuyBone? I love it. But keen to hear what other
feedback you have gotten.

(McGinger) I’m always very proud when someone says they love our concept of “NO FUSS.
ALL FUCK.” Having someone appreciate and get turned on by something you made is
incredibly rewarding. We are definitely still “the little guys” in porn. We don’t have huge
budgets or big name porn stars, but we prefer it that way. And when other guys see that
and say they like it that way, too, that’s the best. I’d have to say beyond our guys, beyond
our concept, the thing we get the most positive feedback on is our pay per scene option.
Before GuyBone, when I’d be surfing for porn, I would visit sites and see a couple guys
that totally got my dick hard and made me whip out my credit card. Then I noticed my
only options were subscriptions. Even in the heat of the moment, I couldn’t justify
spending a lot of money on an entire month of porn that I knew I wouldn’t use. I didn’t
need access to the whole site, just the guys I thought were hot. Where was my a la carte
option? Why couldn’t I just buy one or two scenes that featured my favorite models? Then
when we decided to launch GuyBone, we knew this had to be our main focus selling point.
And we’ve received praise from customers, reviewers, and other site owners for it.
Subscriptions are great if you can afford them and plan to watch the majority of content
on the site. But for guys like us who want to pick and choose what they get to watch and
when they get to watch it, pay per scene makes much more sense. GuyBone was the site
we always wished we stumbled upon when surfing for porn. So, we created it.

(2CW) Any negative feedback?

(McGinger) With positive always comes negative, right? We get the same negative
feedback other amateur sites must. Quality of scenes, quality of guys, etc. Sometimes it’s
great constructive criticism and other times not. You have to take it all with a grain of
salt. It really depends who is giving it, I suppose. If someone who has never bought
anything from us, who has no plans to buy anything from us, gives negative feedback, eh.
But if it’s a customer, or even someone who wants to be a customer if only we’d fix this,
or change that, you bet we’re going to listen to them! They’re the ones we’re doing this
for. If they aren’t happy, we aren’t happy. Sometimes there’s no pleasing certain people,
but most times I’d like to think we can and will do our best to impress you.

(2CW) Greyson Kent is my favourite and I would do anything to have a snuggle night with
him. Do you handle fan mail or do the models do that themselves? Do you get fan mail?

(McGinger) Aside from the occasional customer email, no, I don’t get fan mail. The models
don’t give out their personal info such as real names or addresses, so if you wanted to sing
their praises, your best bet would be to find them on Twitter. Any GuyBone guy who’s on
Twitter has a link to his page in his profile on our site. We like to make that part of
fandom easy for customers. We encourage guys to follow them, make a connection with
them, because the more real you know they are, the hotter their scenes are going to be
for you. And amateur or not, who doesn’t giggle like a school girl when they get a personal
response from someone they’ve watched in porn? It’s hot to talk to your fantasy guy. The
guy you jerk off to because he’s so sexy in his scenes. We also don’t have exclusive models
on our site. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to work for as many sites as they’d like.
Give your fans what they want, you, with different costars, different sets and directors
and ideas. Let them eat you up. That’s why you’re doing this in the first place, because
you get off on other guys getting off to you.

(2CW) Do you know how you are perceived by other sites / studios? Do you care?

(McGinger) Oh, man. I definitely care. My self-critical, over analytical side feeds off of
what others think about GuyBone. Especially other sites / studios. They’re not only
healthy competition, they can be great comrades. We’ve made friends with a few site
owners in the last couple years and it’s been incredibly rewarding. But yeah, that insecure
kid inside me is always afraid everyone’s laughing and judging. But I think that’s because
I’m so proud of what we’ve built from nothing that I want everyone to love it as much as I
do. I know that’s not going to happen, and that’s where the fear creeps in. I would just
hope that if they didn’t like what we brought to the table, they’d be gentlemen enough to
offer some helpful hints on how to be a better site. Everyone was the new guy at some

 (2CW) What can we expect from GuyBone going forward?
(McGinger) You can expect more bareback for sure. Now that we’re comfortable producing
it, there’s no reason not to. And with more and more guys going on PrEP, we feel even
safer with the decision. We are not a bareback site, but we sure do love it! We just
launched two new site features. A shopping cart so that you can buy those pay per scenes
you love in bulk. And a mobile version of the site so you can watch porn on the go. These
may seem like features we should have already had, or that other sites have been
promoting forever, but keep in mind we are four years young this summer and new
updates to the site like these, that make the overall customer experience better, are what
we are constantly striving to improve and incorporate. We have a lot to prove and we’re
up for the challenge. We also just began distribution of DVDs, so expect to see GuyBone on
your local porn store shelves and online catalogs. We have six titles available now and plan
to produce that many or more this year.

(2CW) Is there anything else you’d like to offer the readers of 2CWDU?
(McGinger) I think for us, advertising is the hardest (and most expensive) part of the
process. That’s why we are so grateful to awesome bloggers and reviewers like you for
taking an interest in GuyBone and wanting to share us with your readers. In the sprit of
that, we’d love to give anyone who’s interested a free look at our site, since most of them
probably haven’t heard of us before. Use promo code 2CWDU at checkout to receive any
scene of your choice FREE for 24 hour streaming access. See what we’re about, who our
guys are, and if we’re a site you could see yourself jerking off to.

(2CW) Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. I love your site and wish you
every success.

(McGinger) You’ve totally made our day, our week, month, year by wanting to interview
us! You are popping our interview cherry and it feels REALLY good! Thank you so much for
being a fan of GuyBone!

OK 2 Centers…. You’ve read the Q&A….head on over to, check it out and
sign up. You will NOT be disappointed - just check out the rest of these pics :)



Shalom all


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