Thursday, 23 April 2015

Hey! ... Hey? .... Heeeeyyyyyy.... HEY!!!! .......

When the phark did we get so lazy that even saying hello has to be abbreviated for us?

I hate they word HEY as a greeting.

It's lazy.  We have proper greetings for all parts of the day and all occasions and levels of familiarity.

I hated HEY all the time on Roseanne.  On Friends.  On every TV show and movie by almost every character regardless of ethnicity/race, age, sexuality and gender. 

We are so lazy.  We don't even take the time to greet people properly as we used to.

"Damien, you're being a stodgy old fart who has lost touch!"


Maybe I also think that if we paid just a minute more attention to each other that we'd be in a better world.  Maybe healing the world starts with our smallest of interactions.  Maybe the level of communal and social disinterest is just so high that my one little concern amounts to nada.

If you say Hey to me when/if we meet you WILL be corrected.  If you can't make an effort in THAT moment, how will I know that you can make an effort when it really counts?

Have a great day all.



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