Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sandra Bland

A woman is dead.

She did not kill herself.  There is no evidence of self harm in her history.
There is evidence of racism and racist violence where she was arrested.
She was arrested and jailed in Waller County, Texas.

This woman had a family.  Friends.  A new job.  She had hopes for her life.

Her life was taken.  But not by her.  All for the colour of her skin.

Her name was Sandra Bland.

This is her picture. 

This situation is not new. 
This was committed by racists.
Their skin was white.
These people believe they speak and act for white people.
They do not.
They are criminals.

Her name was Sandra Bland and she was killed by racists.

I live with and benefit from white privilege. 
There is no privilege that permits one person to kill another.

This was a murder.


Hot guys said...

Poor thing. RIP

LeNair Xavier said...

Based on further evidence of her backstory, I suspect that they knew who she was. Even if they didn't, it's a shame regardless.

Anonymous said...

I can't stop thinking that the majority of police officers are Iraq war veterans and still consider everyone not in police uniform to be the enemy. Men, women and children. I am sure there are many people of all races abused, mistreated, beaten that have not made national attention.