Sunday, 23 August 2015

Democrats Are Killing Themselves

I have never seen a people more willing to shoot themselves in the foot (Hardline Jews not withstanding of course) than the current crop of Democrats.

Here's how it SHOULD be.

Hillary as the Presidential Nominee with Bernie as the VP Running Mate.


She has the foreign policy experience.  She has the White House experience.  She did what the Party told her to do when Barack gained momentum and History beckoned him.  And, most importantly, she was a Secretary of State that conducted herself with integrity and tirelessly represented the United States of America.

He has the conscience America needs as well as the ability to put the needs of the American people before himself.  His record as a Senator, and before that as a Representative, shows he would be the perfect Vice President.

VICE President.

An active Vice President with Policy responsibilities.  But, Senator Sanders' experience does not qualify him for the Office of the President of the United States of America.  Whether you like him or love him - and I like him - he is not Presidential material. 

Hillary Clinton is.

And this is thing people are pissed off at.  That Hillary, a white woman who was once the centre of a philandering scandal thanks to her Husband, has shown herself to be truly Presidential.  Which should be of no surprise if anyone remembers those dreadful bumper stickers "Impeach the President - And her husband".

Hillary has done everything right.  She was a good Senator for New York.  She stepped back when the party told her to during her first Presidential run.  She accepted a compromise.  She served her country brilliantly and with the respect of the International and Domestic Diplomatic Communities.  And she now deserves her due.

It is not a nice thing to say about American Politics, but Bernie will not get into the Oval.  He is too much OF the people.  He is too provincial.  A Representative/Senator of a second rate state.  They'll elect a toupee with a named helicopter before Bernie.  He could trounce Hillary by triple digits in every single primary, but he will not get into the Oval. do the next best thing.

Get him as the VP.  Get Hillary as the President.  Not only will the country be safe from the absolute ABORTION that is the current rank and file of the Republican Party, but we will get real leadership on two levels. 

Democrats have to get on board with this, otherwise we (yes I consider myself a Democrat and would vote so) will shoot ourselves in the foot and get the President our contrary asses deserve - President Trump - rather than the Presidential Ticket the country deserves.

Hillary for Prez.
Bernie for Veep.

Get.  On.  Board.



BosGuy said...

Hi Damien,
Good post but the ticket you suggest will never happen for many reasons; not the least of which is that Bernie Sanders is considered toxic for many right-leaning Independents and with the recent war on Latinos from the Republican Party it is even more likely that Hillary will pick an up and coming *meaning younger* Latino; most likely from a swing state from the West.

As poorly as Hillary has been doing unless VP Joe Biden jumps into the race her nomination is all but certain. The real question is who else can the Republican Primary frighten and alienate? Having said that, it is very difficult for any political party to win a third term in the Oval Office (ask VP Al Gore), but I'm cautiously optimistic.


Unknown said...


Damien said...

BG - you make VERY valid points. But I think the Bernie movement has too much momentum *at the moment* for him to be ignored. Now - he may do something that trips him up in the all to important 6 month window, but so far he's been flawless, but not Presidential. As for an up and comer Latino. It would be tactically savvy for Hill to do that but not necessarily a popular thing to do. Like you say - we will see.

Mark - quiet you.

Anonymous said...

There is a year for it to unfold -- and I suggested the same ticket myself tonight.
Hillary has to get out from under the emails.
Bernie might want the "no power" VP job.
Their ages total over 140, not the best.
Bernie is Jewish -- good in some States, bad in others.

Best Ticket might be HC with Julian Castro, endorsed by Bernie after making concessions to his agenda.

Let it unfold

Bob K

Unknown said...

Cool story bruvs

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