Monday, 5 October 2015

Fetish Poll Results - We Like Variety

So.............. 40 of you lovely people voted on my recent Fetish Poll and gave a pretty good picture of what you all like to get up to.  Needless to say it was an interesting set of results.

So here they are.....

Military fetishes topped the list.  I am guessing both getting with actual Military servicemen and the uniforms.  Uniforms were next - police fire etc.  Leather and Sports gear were pretty high.  So it's clear that our first impression is correct.  We eat with our eyes, so it makes sense we would fuck with them too.  How a hook up "looks" is very important.  Then, quite naturally, it is the accessories - toys, sounds, ropes.  Watching and fucking in public were close together - makes sense given how one naturally feeds the other.  Which also leads into cruising - be it a public park, restroom, truck stop etc.  And whilst we are in the bathroom - why not unload that uncomfortably full bladder on some little piss pig who is only too happy to drink down your bathwater. 

Daddy play was big.  I am guessing again, both looks and role play here.  Lord knows I hardly qualify as the "stereotypical porno Daddy look" but have in my time had my fair share of young men unexpectedly telling me to "pound me daddy", and like the good host I am, I agreed.

Puppy Play and Plushy/Furry garnered only a couple of votes each which surprises me.  I know many people into puppy play.  Clearly, they just don't read my blog (Note to self, begin new advertising campaign).

Now two choices I thought would get more votes were PNP and Starfucker.  Knowing how many of you come from cities that have a LOT of both of these - LA, SF, NYC, LDN - I thought there would be more.  *shrug*.

Okay - well thank you all SO much for being involved in my poll.

As always, its great to have your feedback and involvement in the blog.

As for those who chose OTHER - let me know what your other is.  Very keen to know.

Shalom all



Unknown said...

Hey I didn't get to vote :(

Damien said...

Sorry Mr Knight.

The poll was up for 2 weeks.

A new poll for another sex related subject will be going up soon.
Look for it.

Mark in DE said...

Interesting results. Too bad there wasn't a "twins" category. ;-)

Damien said...

Ahhhh - I know how you feel Mark DE - having had the pleasure of twins it is a LOT of fun.

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