Saturday, 31 October 2015

What Do You Believe In?

An interesting question I get asked when people hear I am Jewish (New Jew) is what do Jews generally and myself believe in?  Well I believe in many things and have opinions on many things that are "X"-Files-ish.  From G-d to UFOS to Ghosts etc.  So let me answer some of the more interesting questions I have been asked by people here on the blog and out in the real world.


Yes I believe in G-d.  I am a convert who is an observant, Progressive Jew.  I believe that the Torah is the word of G-d. And I believe that the Universe came into existence by a Divine Creator.

HOWEVER - I do not believe the Torah is the LITERAL word of G-d as dictated by a Divine Being to a primitive and imperfect Man.  Personally, I believe that the Torah is a road map of better behaviour and a guide to improving ourselves as people so that we are better to each other.  But I do not believe that it is a LITERAL translation of the word of G-d.  NOR do I believe that the world was created in 7 days.  I believe that Evolutionary Creation is still miraculous, even if it took Billions of years.


I believe in Extra-terrestrial life yes.  But from a logical point of view.  Everything in the Universe exists as 'more than one'.  Stars.  Galaxies.  Planets.  Comets.  Black holes.  There are NO singular entities in the galaxy.  So - it is an acceptable hypothesis that there is other life out there.  Plus, I am kind of hoping that the Vulcans will actually visit us one day and help us grow up :)


Hauntings?  Not so much.  Spirits?  Yes.  I believe there is something beyond life yes.  Ghosts.  Spirits.  Energy.  Call it what you will.  But I do believe that there is a part of us that continues after our body ceases.  I don't know what that is.  It could be our mind - a collection of neural energy that leaves our body.  It could indeed be a soul.  I don't know.  But I have had experiences, and have had trustworthy friends who have had experiences that have me leaning towards there is SOMETHING beyond what we see.


Now this is actually a prickly one amongst Jewish scholars.  Our primary purpose here in life is to learn.  We are also here to "Heal the world".  Many argue that there are too many lessons in life that one can learn in a single lifetime and that we come back to continue our learning.  Only upon learning all that we can as humans do we then go onto the "World to come".  I also think reincarnation serves a karmic purpose.  You get to come back to do better.  And this appeals to the social justice advocate in me.  We should always attempt to do better.  By that I mean we should strive to live as humans who try to improve not just ourselves but also the world we live in and the lot of others we share the world with.


I am not a believer in those who say they can "tell the future".  I haven't seen proof of that.  However, I have sat in a room with someone who communicated with someone who is no longer with us, and the facts that were discussed during that conversation with no prompting - consciously or subconsciously - from me was downright scary.  I do believe there are people who can link from this world to the next.  I don't know what it is.  I don't know how it works.  But I and Bubb have had experiences with this that have proven to us that this is possible.

And the big question I often get.......


Oy vey - THIS ONE!!!!!  I don't know.  But I do know this. We were given the gift of free will.  We were given the gift of choice.  Perhaps, we are supposed to save ourselves first before anything else happens.  But I truly do not know.  Now if *I* was G-d, yes I would be interfering and interjecting every 5 damn minutes.  Probably a good thing that I am not.  But as beings of free will, perhaps the upside of that was given to us is that we have to take responsibility and accountability of what we do.  Good.  Bad.  Evil.  And the very worst - The Indifferent.  Suffering and loss is something that we have to be accountable for.  Not a Divine Being that may or may not exist.

So there you go.

Something a LITTLE different on the blog today.

Happy Halloween to all my USA friends.  I hope to celebrate with you next year ;)

Blessings and love always



Jimmy said...

I just got home from dancing in the street with an estimated 30,000 mostly gay people! All in costume for Halloween. Some gorgeous boys out there for sure.

Gladly I will talk spiritual stuff as long as it is done without the words "belief, believe, think, or thought".

Happy Halloween Damien!

Damien said...

Happy Halloween to yourself Grouchy.

As Spiritual and Believe/Believe/Think/Thought, on my blog there is room for all :)

Blessings Sir.

Unknown said...

U werent suppose to be eye candy exploring, was meant to trick or treating lol U slut. Thank god this doesn't happen in OZ. Well it does, but I often I ignore them door knockers. However next time I gonna buy 2 dozens of eggs and boil them all up and give them up as candy. Cuz that's what I eat when I'm hungry cuz I'm on a temporary diet. What I eat now is what people will get at that time of the month. If they knock back ma boilet eggs I will throw raw eggs at them lol. That shall give freak them out hahaha.

Unknown said...

Grammar police, ehhh yooo ehhh yooo ehhh yooo...............

Steve said...

God is actually helping me all the time. Probably the same with many people but they just don't realize it. But as you say the world is set up so that people can exercise their free will to choose good or evil. God typically does not interfere with the consequences of people's own actions. He is your Creator but not your cosmic errand-boy.