Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Take Your Islamophobia And...

Fuck.  Off.


Damien said...

That too.

Justin said...

Unfortunately commercial media in Australia (and the world) love to breed fear into people. It makes for ratings and the un-informed lap it up.
After the Paris attacks we were apparently living in a WORLD ON EDGE. Well I went a did my shopping as usual and no one seemed to be waiting to be shot dead or blown up.
The media like to make you feel that if you leave the safety of your home you could die from a terrorist attack.
Facts- 4.4% of terrorist attacks and 2.6% of deaths from terrorist attacks have occurred in western countries, yet they are usually the most deadly.
In my view the attention paid by the media makes it all the more attractive to the terrorists, it's the same with bushfires and arsonists. The more media attention the more chance of the incidents occurring.
The commercial media drives this hatred of a certain group because it gets people watching, creates a discussion that they can then use to manipulate people for their own benefit (and ratings)
The Daily Mail had endless anti Muslim articles after Paris. They had no shame about the hatred they were creating and the comments from the sheep who believe that they are a credible source of information was very depressing. People read that shit and believe it!!!

Damien said...

Justin - I can't disagree with you. Very insightful.