Sunday, 6 December 2015

When Australia Said Enough To Guns

The details are HERE.

Below are the names of the victims.  They ranged from 3 years to 72.

It can be done.  Enough is enough.


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Cy said...

Hi Damian,
I had no idea about this horrific massacre in Port Arthur. I was horrified reading the account. Thankfully Australia took the hint and changed the gun laws. No such luck here in the US. The NRA is such a powerful lobby and contributor to political campaigns that most members of congress will not vote against their wishes. Even a simple solution like background checks will not succeed in getting passed. Mores the pity.
But, about Port Arthur, why were there no park rangers or some other security personnel on site? It seems reasonable that someone in charge with a radio could have called police a lot sooner then actually happened.